After David was born I worked outside the home (about 20 hours) as a behavior/curriculum specialist with special needs kiddos. I enjoyed my job *most of the time* but felt frustrated leaving the boys at home. I started my business when David was about one year old and hoped it might enable me to work from home so I wouldn’t have to have sitters and be away as much.

I was thrilled and terrified when the business grew enough for me quit my job and stay home with the boys. But suddenly I was faced with a new reality. I still had work to do and two little boys who needed attention. I could be home with them, but I wasn’t necessarily focused on them and I felt spread very thin.

Working from home is great, but challenging as well. I am definitely aware that I can’t do it all. I have an awesome sitter who comes in two mornings a week to help with the boys and laundry. I also have some help with the business which has been an incredible blessing. Sometimes I feel like the boys and I are in a good rhythm and sometimes I want to pull my hair out.

I try to bust through emails first thing in the morning and then during nap time. When I get behind on emails I start feeling stressed, so keeping up means keeping my sanity. I set aside a few hours everyday for focused playtime with the boys. I also have to be flexible and willing to take breaks (sometimes every ten minutes) because the boys’ needs take priority over the business. When it’s time to work, I work, and when it’s time to play I clean up my work bench and put my computer away and focus on playing.

How do you juggle home, kids, work, friends and all the other demands we moms face?