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turkey hangover

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hello friends!  we’re recovering from lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing, paired with laying around and catching up with aunties, uncles, grandma and grandpa.  i’ll be avoiding the mall today, but i’m making my christmas shopping list and doing some planning. we got our family pics back and i can’t wait to share them with you next week.  do you have a turkey hangover?  what does your friday hold?

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  1. Priscilla says:

    No, turkey hangover although I did have a little piece of turkey and some Christmas cookies at midnight last night LOL!! Friday – walking with my honey; putting away fall decorations and getting down all the Christmas ones; putting the Christmas bedspreads on the guest beds (!) Starting our annual Christmas “missive” sewing and knitting for gifts! ’nuff??!! hugs, Priscilla

  2. Shana Stoll says:

    Shopping in the wee hours . . . spent less than $100 total and got about $300 worth of loot. Didn’t get too many things, although there was sure lots to be had, but what I got I needed. Home by 9 am and I’m about ready for a nap now. I don’t have too bad of a turkey hangover, but I do have the start of what could be a pretty nasty cold! Yuck!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Shana in MN

  3. Debbie says:

    Hanging around the house with the kids. Am venturing out to Target in a little bit. I’m not sure I’ll buy anything, and my Christmas shopping is already partially done, but I just can’t resist. Have a great weekend!

  4. Peggy says:

    Blogging, getting the brakes done, making some cards, wrapping some gifts… pretty much a lazy, grateful day. No turkey hangover and the scale is down!! WOOHOOO!!

  5. Arabella says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (being from NZ), but I just wanted to say that you are a hard woman to track down! I stumbled across your website a couple of years ago and bookmarked it for future purchases then my husband reformatted my laptop and I lost the bookmarks, and I have been trying to find your shop again ever since! Luckily thanks to the blog world I found you again. I will save my bookmarks this time! I love your jewellery, so beautifully simple and classic with a twist. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  6. Laura says:

    For the first time in my life, I went out to Target on Black Friday with my sister in law while my bro in law was watching the kids at 4:30 AM. I was amazed. I only waited 10 minutes in a VERY LONG LINE and shopped there for an hour without any grumpy customers. I got few Christmas items- no more than $100.

    After that I took a ten minute nap before going out for a third time of having a Thanksgiving meal of this week. I felt like I was back in 1621 because the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated for three days. Yet I was careful not to EAT too much! :-)

    Have fun with your family.

  7. Rafael's mum says:

    Hi Lisa, found your blog through the Portobellopixie site and am glad that I did. I love the way you have styled it, the lovely colours and photos and will put it on my bloglist. Your jewellery is gorgeous too. Looking forward to reading a bit more of your blog.
    Have a happy thanksgiving.

  8. Roban says:

    I’ve had a wonderful day…. I contemplated shopping but decided to forego it and enjoy being home. I did run out to the store for a few groceries and made a delicious Mexican Veggie Casserole. Overall, a perfect day!

  9. Jenn says:

    Wonderful pictures! I did some writing today. That felt good. Enjoyed waking up slowly with a lot of cuddles from my husband.

  10. Rhea says:

    I love your pictures!!!! My favourite is the one of David with his Dad. That one should be framed!!!

  11. Rhea says:

    PS I play the piano so I am partial to pictures of people sitting on the piano bench playing!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Looks like lots of fun, I love the hanging toy. Today is for some tidying and getting everything ready for decorating for Christmas.

  13. angie says:

    I had to work a little bit @ the office, but got off work & did a little shopping. Enjoyed 2 Starbucks visits! 😀

  14. Denise C. says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My Friday was simple, we’re getting carpet installed on our stairs Monday and had a rep come out, naps, laundry, and a trip to Super Target for a new pre-lit tree! XOXO.

  15. Gina says:

    Started the day cuddling with my precious 17 month old grand daughter the enjoyed lunch out with my husband and our oldest son who is home from college. Lots of laughs, even some tears (me). He will graduate from college this May and go into the Air Force. His younger brother already joined. Where did the time go? These boys. Now men.
    Love your blog and how you capture the precious moments with your family. You bless me.

  16. deezie says:

    No Turkey hangover here. Well my husband might have one:) he eats way too much on Thanksgiving. We went and chopped down 2 beautiful trees and they are up with lights on them. We will have to decorate on Saturday, its nice and windy and cold here, Perfect day for staying in and decorating. Love the picture

  17. ann says:

    i’m not much of a leftover girl…but my kids enjoyed them!

    our day began with cuddles for all, then playing outside, hanging christmas lights and for me…late night online shopping. :)

    i just ordered an early christmas gift for {me} :) and i can’t wait ’til it arrives…even if it’s after the holidays…my birthday is in january!

  18. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Scandinavia. But I do know that the holidays fell on the same day as my wedding anniversary. 😉 Hope you had a wonderful day. – I see you guys have the exact same coffeetable, as we do here in our house. *hehe*

  19. Kate says:

    Being from Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving earlier in the month, this weekend is grey cup weekend for CFL fans! Go Riders!! :) Love your coffeetable, can I ask where you bought it ? The little drawer on the bottom is just perfect for little ones. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. AbbyS says:

    Happy Turkey Day to you and your family, Lisa!
    I’ve been in So. Cal for the last few days for the holiday…I haven’t read your blog in awhile and I’m going to keep telling you “you are so inspirational”. I always leave your blog having this “feeling good” vibe… We drove up the coast on 101 on our way back to No. Cal and I told my hubby…”This is where Lisa lives…the one who makes the beautiful necklaces” as we drove by San Luis Obispo. I’m still hinting my way to hopefully getting a necklace designed by you for Christmas! :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  21. Chrissie says:

    Did Chad and David plan to dress alike for their piano duet?

  22. Rhea says:

    I just noticed that the picture is with your friend Chad and David. Still a frameable picture!

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