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disneyland 2009

November 30th | older posts


we had so much fun last year at disneyland we decided to squeeze another mickey visit in this year.  it’s amazing how much more the boys are enjoying it this year.  they loved it last year, but one year older makes a big difference. seeing it decorated for the holidays is even more magical.  are you rested after the long weekend?  or did you play too much??

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like you had lots of fun, I bet the decorations were beautiful. We did a bit of both this weekend, work and play.

  2. dawn says:

    I love Disney at Christmas! We are Disneyworld visitors (family in FL) but it’s magical either place. :) We did some Christmas decorating and some shopping and some relaxing…glad you had fun!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Hi!! I played a bit too much and had a blast with my kiddos and family!

    We finished off the long weekend at Disneyland! We were there yesterday! Had a blast! At too much junk food and we have disneyland hangovers this morning – but I wouldn’t have missed it – it was great! I love Disneyland – I want to say there for a whole week!

    Glad you too enjoyed your time there! Have a wonderful day Lisa!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh how I miss Disneyland. Must go this Winter before the Christmas decorations are gone! Our weekend was restful and wonderful. Just what the Harper family needed. 😉 And it doesn’t help that I baked triple chocolate dip cookies to snack on. Mmmmm.

  5. lisa says:

    we were there, too! Last Wed! I wish we could have met! glad you have fun!

  6. gina says:

    Look’s like so much fun , I love Disney , I was just there in September with my boy’s and we can’t wait to go back !!!

  7. Denise C. says:

    Yay! Sounds like you had a blast! Our weekend was nice, simple and mellow. 😉

  8. Yay! “The happiest place on earth ” is the best way to kick-off the Christmas season. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  9. lindsey says:

    hey! we were there too!

  10. Dayle says:

    My niece is at Disneyworld in Florida until the 4th. She said it’s spectacular this time of year.

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Lisa. It looks beautiful in the pictures! I’d never have thought of going this time of year but I think that might be the best idea…no sweating, willingness to pay 10 dollars for a bottled water…etc.

  12. kari-lynn says:

    sorry to comment on your blog but i got an email from censational girl saying i won the $100 contest for your neclaces. i am SOOOOO excited but i’m not sure how to go about it. can i get some help? thanks so much. i love your stuff.

  13. LB says:

    Saw your link from Sandi Henderson’s blog. Love your jewelry! Might need to hint to hubby for my birthday!

  14. Rhea says:

    Can you believe it, but I have never been to Disney. The pictures are awesome. Maybe someday…

  15. Corinne says:

    Looks gorgeous!!!! I’ve never been to Disney, but it seems rather inviting this time of year…

  16. Just wondering what it must be like to live close enough to go to Disneyland for a weekend! I go almost yearly, however I don’t “squueze it in”. Its a year long wait and we go for a week!

    It is so magical, especially at Christmas! Hope your family enjoyed it!

  17. Laura says:

    I miss going to Disneyland. I used to go to Disneyland every Friday with my hearing childhood best friend (her parents worked there.)— loved seeing all of the holiday decorations throughout the year.

    The only thing I missed by going to Disney Downtown. I learned that it was free to stroll around the Disney Town town stores, etc. So I am considering on taking my sons to this place during our Winter Break after we get back from Oregon for Christmas week. I encourage you and your family go there, too.

    As for my previous weekend, I did most: cleaning up the chaos after my sister in law and her 3 kids stayed a week with us and did read an entire book , “Bend on the Road” from Nicholas Sparks.

  18. Jenn says:

    Definitely not rested! Busy, busy — family, extended family, big meals, a baby shower, my daughter turned 3 so that entailed a trip to the city for Build-a-Bear & seeing the zoo decked out in holiday lights, which was a perfect kick-off to the holiday season.

    Looks like DisneyLand was wonderful!

  19. blissmamaof3 says:

    Thanks for the preview! We’re headed there soon ourselves, can’t wait!!

  20. Patricia says:

    Oh! I’m almost crying when I see your disney photos. We’ve only gone in the spring…and loved it. Truly magical place when you have a little one. THanks for sharing the photos. Also your family photos are priceless….photographer did a such a wonderful job of capturing your family’s love and happiness! :-) Merry Christmas! :-)

  21. Janelle says:

    We were there on Friday and Saturday! Would have loved to have run into you:)

  22. Jen says:

    Oh lovely! I saw the HGTV about the Disney decorators! No small feat, jeez. They even showed inside the Cinderella suite at Christmas time 😀

  23. Tami says:

    Ooooh, I am so excited! We leave for Disneyworld in 16 days! It will be our first trip, and I can’t wait to see my girls’ faces when they see the holiday decorations! Your beautiful pictures and all the comments here have made me even more anxious to get there! I’m so glad I found your blog again, Lisa. I had been gone for a while and didn’t realize how much I missed the calming nature of your writing and pictures.

    Our weekend? Hmmm. Where did it go? Must have been jam-packed, that’s for sure!

  24. Cheryl says:

    Oh how I love Christmas time at Disney. I was there while I was pregnant (24 months ago) enjoying a babymoon and have been longing to go back ever since. Unfortunately I live in Toronto so the closest one to me is a 2 hour plane ride to Florida 😉

    Your pictures are beautiful and I love coming to your blog to look at them and read your posts. You remind me every day how much I should be thankful for. Very strange, I know, as we live on opposite coasts and we’ve never met yet I feel as though you are part of my family when I read your entires.

    Hope you are enjoying the remainder of 2009 and looking forward to more great posts in 2010!

  25. blissmamaof3 says:

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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