all week i’ve been reflecting on how thankful i am to be married to my sweetie.

in high school i had crushes on the popular boys.  in college i wanted to date boys who had the right ‘look’.  i wasn’t as concerned about what was on the inside, i foolishly thought image was the most important thing.

i dated a few guys pretty seriously.  i fell hard.

then the feelings would fade and eventually we would break up.

then i met steve and although i didn’t have strong feelings of attraction initially, my feelings quickly grew.

but beyond feelings of attraction, i felt respect, admiration and confidence.

this was the man i wanted to spend my life with.

as we dated our friendship grew.

10 years later i can confidently say that, while romance is wonderful, it’s the friendship that carries us through the little daily decisions and the seriously crappy times.



i’m so glad i married my best friend.