Well, school is out and summer has begun. David works REALLY hard at school, so in the evenings we keep it light and fun. Now that it’s summer, I need to push him with eating, walking and play. These are some photos from lunch. He really did a super job. He just needs some help getting the spoon back into the bowl to refill.

We are also going full force with potty training Matty. We stopped when he started preschool because he was having so much separation anxiety. Let’s take a look at my morning…
Number of times he sat on the potty–5
Number of times he went pee pee in the potty–0
Number of accidents–3
Number of times he snuck into the potty prize box and opened a toy–1
Pairs of shoes on the front lawn, drying in the sun–2
Number of times we’ve read the potty book today–16 million (OK, maybe that is an exaggeration)
Money we’ll save on diapers per month $60
Money we’ll spend on extra loads of laundry $61

He is totally capable and ready to be potty-trained, he just needs to WANT it (like we do!). I am really going to hang in there this time, but it is exhausting! Any encouragement is very welcome!! When does summer vacation start for mommies? Oh yeah, SEPTEMBER 🙂