we had a sister overnighter last night in santa barbara and it was so, so good. i didn’t take many pics, but when we got to anthropology, i started feeling more inspired.here’s what i took with me into the dressing room.
i ended up with the brown sweater on the end.
i liked everything i tried on, but i have a really hard time justifying a tee shirt for $78–no matter how cute it is. the sweater was on sale for $39 and will be comfy for every day wear.
ahhh, maybe a quick nap before we keep shopping? this bed is calling to me.

up and down a few times, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.
the four of us outside causing a lot of commotion (seriously) with all the curly hair. people were pointing and staring. it was hilarious.

my arms were getting itchy to get back home and hold my boys. so good, to get away and so good to come back home.