sister birthday

we had a sister overnighter last night in santa barbara and it was so, so good. i didn’t take many pics, but when we got to anthropology, i started feeling more’s what i took with me into the dressing room.
i ended up with the brown sweater on the end.
i liked everything i tried on, but i have a really hard time justifying a tee shirt for $78–no matter how cute it is. the sweater was on sale for $39 and will be comfy for every day wear.
ahhh, maybe a quick nap before we keep shopping? this bed is calling to me.

up and down a few times, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.
the four of us outside causing a lot of commotion (seriously) with all the curly hair. people were pointing and staring. it was hilarious.

my arms were getting itchy to get back home and hold my boys. so good, to get away and so good to come back home.


  1. You should go back for the top you had on under the cardigan – it looked great on you. Four sisters, I can’t imagine. I’m one of 5, but the other four are boys!

  2. I love anthropologie… but have a hard time justifying the prices as well. Gotta love the sale rack!

    Happy birthday (a little late) to you & Chrissie!

  3. Love the curly hair…ALL of it! I also came across your jewelry line…you have beautiful pieces!

  4. Look at all the curly hair sisters! You all look like such a fun bunch! Can I be your honorary straight hair sister? LOL

  5. Stumbled on your blog and spent some time paging through. I recently relocated to Texas from Lompoc, CA, so I enjoyed seeing some of the sights from Central CA. Makes me miss “home”.

    You have a beautiful family, and a real talent with jewelry.

  6. 3 of my favorite things: Santa Barbara, the sale rack at Anthropologie and sisters!

    Looks like a great getaway!

  7. OMG – I can’t believe – the hair – it all looks exactly the same!!! I always wanted curly hair. LUCKY!

  8. Oh how fun!! You guys (ladies) are all so beautiful. Love LOVE… the hair!

    Okay that brown sweater AMAZING! I love it all… I’m a huge Anthropology fan but I feel ya on the price! 🙂 oh I hope you have a super cuddy night day with all your boys when you get home!

  9. I don’t know, for me it’s not all the curls. With many families you kind of have to keep looking to really find the similarities. The four of you are DEFINITELY related. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the four of you it kind of surprised me. So cool how God has blessed you with close proximity to gather—sounds so fun. We have an Anthropology on the Country Club Plaza up in the city. I’m sure it would fit one of my daughters style. Better start saving now.

  10. Cute pic of the 4 of you! HA, I couldn’t agree more. I can’t justify spending so much money on JUST ONE article of clothing! $78 is a whole outfit, top to bottom! 😀

  11. So adorable. I love the pic of all four of you together. I can’t wait to see photos of my own like that someday when they are grown.

  12. I have two sisters (they are twins). I love sisters. I love hearing about sister outings. Thanks for sharing…..and I LOVE the sweater you got. Good choice! (I, too, have a problem paying $78 for a t-shirt…I have a problem paying $20 for just a t-shirt).


  13. Great shots! Makes me wish I had a sister!
    I would now like to (seriously!) request a curly hair tutorial. What products are you using to make it so curly and not frizzy? I’m having hair issues. Big ones! 🙂

  14. i love sister time! your’s are all darling. i’ll see mine Sept. 6 and 7 for our dad’s 92nd! he loves his girls! did you hate your hair as a kid? I threatened to dye mine black like my barbie doll’s hair – mom was horrified. now I like my red – but it’s so straight!

  15. Oh, this is a wonderful picture!!! You definitely look like sisters. I have 4 sisters myself and have been wanting to have a “Sisters Weekend,” but just have not organized it (I’m the oldest, so I should do it)! This is prompting me to get busy!!! Thx for sharing this!

  16. What a treat! My sisters and I (we’re 4 total too 😉 have not been together in too long.

    And you all look so much alike – quads not twins! right!

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