little boys who want to play and run and jump and do ‘kung fu’ all day.

lindsey’s flower brooches that seriously make a plain tank into an anthropologie masterpiece.

we are all about the ocean lately. we visited the long beach aquarium when we where down south last weekend. the boys loved it. we got them a video about the ocean and we bought ‘shark week’ for after they are in bed. the ocean is so incredible, mind-boggling and beautiful.

my brother got married last week and i arranged flowers for a family reception. it was so fun–i haven’t done it in years and i want to do more. maybe i’ll do a simple ‘how-to-arrange flowers’ post.

a sandy path leading to a shady tree. ahh, this is in carpinteria, one of my favorite spots to slow down and unwind. love, love it!

after we put the boys down in the evening, they usually play in their room for about 45 minutes. It’s probably time to give up naps, but I DON’T WANT TO! Anyway, Matty always does cute things with his stuffed animals, like make little beds for them. Steve and I get a kick out of seeing Matty nurture his animals.

little painted hands from fun projects that grandma planned. i try to do a couple art projects with the boys every week–even if it’s just watercolors or construction paper and glue. check out flip flops and applesauce for great ideas to connect with your kiddos.

other inspirations? my favorite jeans with the ratty hem, comfy espadrilles for $8 at target (i*love*target), a good book, sunshine on my face, lazy mornings with the boys (only 2 weeks till school starts, eeek) and a hot cup of coffee.

what’s inspiring you today??