i was reflecting this morning on how life with david is different than it would be if he was a ‘typical’ five-and-a-half year old. day to day i can honestly say he is a joy and pretty darn easy-going. besides being very small, he needs help eating, dressing, bathing and with most other activities, but he plays happily and loves to explore every room in the house. he is not a picky eater and has made great strides with beginning to feed himself. i change his clothes at lease twice a day because he’s drooling a lot. he never used to drool, so i attribute it to teething. he loves his bathes again (yay!) and is very good at splashing me and matty. he doesn’t mind car rides and enjoys his teachers at school.

two the most difficult things we are facing are reflux and gas pains. he has struggled with reflux since birth and recently seems more gassy. we often give him maalox and spend a lot of time helping him burp. he takes prevacid for the reflux and his esophagus isn’t damaged. i suspect his reflux will be something we deal his entire life.

i notice a lot of people looking at david when we are out and about. most days it doesn’t bother me. he’s a tiny guy with two fingers on his left hand, so of course they are curious. i feel honored that he is my son. i think he’s pretty great and if they got to know him a little, they’d think the same thing.

i guess, i’ll never know what it would be like if david were a typical 5 year old. it’s okay to think about what might have been–but i don’t want to live there. he smiles easily, is fascinated with the world around him, loves to snuggle and makes messes much faster than i can clean them up. all i have is right now, this moment, and i want let it be imperfect and beautiful.