Lest I sound too positive, let me complain a little. Bathtime with David the last couple months has been a nightmare. Here’s how it usually goes…
-I take a deep breath and gear up for a struggle. I tell myself, “I can handle this. Just stay calm.”
-We enter the bathroom and start the warm water running. David begins to cry.
-He fusses while I undress him but REALLY gets mad once I put him in the water.
-He is screaming and arching, I’m trying to wash him as quickly as I can and hold onto his soapy body.
-I pull him out and try to dry him off, By this point I am soaked, his reflux is acting up and I am yelling at Matty to stop splashing water all over the bathroom.
*sigh* To end on a positive note, I have to say, I love a clean, yummy David in striped jammies with monkey slippers.