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7 things you might not know about me …

January 8th | older posts

I’ve been tagged so here goes…

1. I’m married to my best friend which is such a blessing, but of course, we occasionally fight. Our biggest areas of disagreement–he gets frustrated with my disorganization, I am impatient when he is late.

2. I craved quesadillas when I was pregnant with both David and Matty. Yesterday I ordered a quesadilla from Taco Bell and for a moment thought, “What if I am pregnant?!”. I’m not, though.

3. I learned to drive in a Pinto hatchback which in high school was the most humiliating thing I could imagine.

4. After I graduated from college, I was a wedding coordinator for a private facility. I loved getting to know the brides and helping them plan their day. Unfortunately sales dropped while I worked there because I was always trying to help the brides save money.

5. I love Target (that you knew!) But for some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t be held responsible for the amount of money I spend there. I mean, it’s not my fault they have such amazing stuff at such reasonable prices.

6. My favorite food right now is chocolate ice cream, with chocolate syrup and sliced bananas. I’m making you hungry, huh!

7. We live on a dirt road in a small town outside of San Luis Obispo, CA. The post office won’t deliver packages on our road, which I think is so wierd!

OK, seriously, if you read this, consider yourself tagged!!

14 Responses

  1. kendall. says:

    I feel EXACTLY the same way about Target! It’s not my fault; I just can’t help it! (My husband doesn’t understand this.)

  2. grey like snuffie says:

    hey now, my first car when I was 16 was a Pinto hatchback—it was new and it was not humiliating back then.
    lol Yes, I’m a little older than you. I love reading your site, yet it always makes me long for California. Right now—Olallieberry Jelly from Linn’s Fruit Bin—I want some!

  3. Nina_VK says:

    Too funny!! I craved salad with ONLY Balsamic vinegar dressing when I was pregnat with my first two girls. We are having our third, and all I want is Taco Bell these days. LOL
    Maybe this one is a boy. :)

    have a great day!

  4. chrissie says:

    lisa, you are so cute!!!

  5. katarinasmama says:

    Oh gosh…I learned to drive in a Silver Pinto station wagon…the Olympic edition, 1976 I believe…of course, by the time I learned to drive in it it was already very old…sigh..good memories of stuffing my friends in the back tho’…

  6. mormar says:

    I love san luis…I used to live in Lompoc

  7. Tia says:

    I lived in Los Osos for a while as a child, your descriptions bring back memories.


  8. Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    the target $1 section steals a portion of my spending budget every month. And I am completely okay with it. Daveed doesn’t understand either.

  9. Liquid says:

    I think I like you and love your jewelry! Seriously…

    Thank you for a great giggle!


  10. Mimi says:

    Great enjoy your blog. Your two boys are beautiful. Love your jewelry, too. Hmm…I’ll have to look again at Target…

  11. Laura and the family says:

    What if someone already had been tagged? – winks.

    Oh, I can’t resist from going to TARGET! I recently bought several $1 for Christmas Stockings such as “Cars” stuff.

  12. Laura and the family says:

    What if someone already had been tagged? – winks.

    Oh, I can’t resist from going to TARGET! I recently bought several $1 for Christmas Stockings such as “Cars” stuff.

  13. gloria says:

    the boys are sooo cute!!!!

  14. Paige says:

    I drove a “reliant K car” which at that exact time, was the same model and color as the schools drivers ed car! I was ALWAYS getting asked if I’d stolen the drivers ed. car! After that I traded up for a full size Ford Van, which coincidentally, is what I drive now.

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