Sometimes people ask me how I can be so positive when I have a child with a disability. I’ve been thinking about this lately. I’ve seen families come together and thrive during times of struggle and I’ve seen families fall apart. Why do some seem to weather the storms easier?

There is no doubt we were devastated when David was born. I had a plan and it didn’t include a child with a disability. I was heartbroken and sure that I would never experience joy again. The baby we hoped for didn’t exist and in it’s place we had a tiny little person with so many needs and unknowns. Everything felt out of control.

I believe that God is in control and he will do as he pleases. This brought me so much comfort. I gave up trying to control my life and decided to be miserable if that is what God wanted for me. Of course, through the letting go, I have experienced so much more joy than I could have otherwise.

I also believe that although David’s body is ‘broken’ his soul is whole. He is a precious person, loved by God and therefore valuable.

This gift from God did not look like I had expected, but it continues to change me from the inside out, and I am so grateful.