thank you. your sweet comments, encouragement and prayers mean so much to me. i had such a hard time writing about my grandma. it feels so personal and i have been trying not to let the lump in my throat take over and turn me into a blubbering mess. my grandma passed away about half an hour after after i posted about her. we are so glad she won’t be in any more pain and that she is home with her Savior. i can’t begin to imagine how free and joyful she is now. ok, moving on before i fall apart…
yesterday was david’s first day of school. i was nervous, but met with his teacher and LOVED her. she is amazing. and the staff working in the classroom? the best! the problem? david is tiny. he literally 20 pounds and about the size of an 18 month old or a small 2 year old. The rest of the kids tower over him and because they also have special needs, aren’t particularly careful about not bumping into (or completely smooshing) him.

i arrived 20 minutes early to pick him up so i could observe the classroom a bit and felt confident that he must have a 1:1 aide with him at all times, just for safely, not to mention being included in activities. even with a 1:1 aide, i’m not sure i feel good about the placement. when he was in preschool, the kids towered over him. Now he is in a K, 1, 2 special day class and he is just so tiny. (did i mention how small he is??) So we are putting our heads together with the school staff and administration to try to figure out the best place for David–where he can be safe and be with his typical peers. i know some of you special needs moms out there face this same dilema. any advise??

i’ve got some fun, fun stuff to show you, so check back tomorrow. have a great wednesday!!