my grandma is in the hospital and is close to the end. we drove down on saturday to say good-bye. my heart is heavy with anticipating her death.
tears have been flowing easily the last few days. we will miss her so, so much.she is an amazing woman. she loves her daughters, her grandkids and her great grandkids more than anything. And in return we all love her with our whole hearts. she is 93 and has led a good life. she isn’t afraid of dying and she has no regrets. she is the kindest most wonderful grandma anyone could have.
she calls david her ‘angel boy’ and wears a necklace that says ‘angel’ everyday. she listens and gives good, solid advise. she never complains and is always concerned about inconveniencing others. before i had kids, i took her grocery shopping once a week. afterward we would go out for dinner and talk. i remember crying to her about breaking up with my boyfriend, sharing work frustrations and asking her all kinds of questions about her life.
her faith is solid and she anticipates meeting her Lord soon.
i know i will see her again, but in the meantime i will miss her so much.