we stayed at the simpson house in santa barbara which was wonderful!!

1. everything in our cottage was charming-down to the shower fixtures.

2.  the b&b had bikes to ride around town.  great, no problem, right?  um, i haven’t been on a bike in 20 years and i was terrified!  but i guess it’s like riding a bike–wait it is riding a bike.  it comes back to you.  day two i was cruising along with ease. so fun.

3. the grounds are very charming–shaded by lots of trees and fountains everywhere.

4.  self-portrait in a garden sphere.  yes, we are dorky.

5.  my feet on the rocky path that led to our cottage.

6.  the english oak outside our front door.

7.  homemade truffles on bed each evening.  oh yum.

8.  an amazing breakfast on our porch in the morning.  it was nice to be spoiled!