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through the window.

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i love the windows in my sisters’ home.  the whole house is charming, with a warm, vintage feel.  but the view out the window is even sweeter.  ellen got a splash pool which the boys thoroughly enjoyed while we stayed at the bed and breakfast.  ellie, you are a super auntie.  maybe you need a cape!!

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  1. Ee Wen says:

    ohh…artistic! I love this shot!

  2. Susan Tethal says:

    Lisa, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful sister. What a calm and peaceful photograph, thanks for sharing.

  3. Haley says:

    I just received me captured heart necklace today and I absolutely LOVE it. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful piece… I can’t wait to show it off! I know this has nothing to do with your blog, but I didn’t know where else to say THANK YOU!

  4. summer says:

    this picture needs to be framed. it is such a sweet picture.

  5. Marnie says:

    Oh..I think a cape is in her future!!!!

  6. Laura says:

    It is really awesome that David has made a tremendous progress by willing to play with the water and sand over the summer. One step at a time will do :-)

    Sweet candid picture. Good job, Lisa!

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