silver leaf {artisan earrings}

have you seen our silver leaf earrings?

so pretty and so simple. and made by hand.

i kinda love them.

perfect with a sundress or jeans and a scarf. although right now all i want to wear is a sundress. and sandals. i want summmmmer!

you can find the new silver leaf earrings here.

happy tuesday, friends.



  1. I absolutely adore these earrings but I do have one question (and I may have missed the answer so I apologize if I did!). What is the exact material they are made of, starling silver, pewter, etc. I have sensitive ears and would hate to buy them and then have to look at them and not be able to wear them!!! Thanks!!!

  2. I love them! Sometimes simple is all you need to spice up your outfit. I feel like we constantly overdo it with all this fabulous jewelry out on the market now days, so thanks for reminding us of the beauty in simple!

  3. Hi Lisa!
    The earings are gorgeous!
    Just curious if you would ever do a blog (with pictures of coarse!), of your studio? Would just love to see where you do all your magic. I know you’ve been in WWCreate, but it didn’t really have any pictures of your space. Would love the inspiration since I’m trying to redo my own studio and I love your style!!

  4. Totally buying these right NOW! I’ve been waiting to buy one of your beautiful creations and this one has done it. Can’t wait to get them in the mail!!! 🙂

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