sugar is my weakness

when chrissie and i met in santa barbara a few weeks ago we couldn’t just walk by. we had to go in. we had to sample something.

crushcakes is a new cupcake shop in my favorite little getaway town of carpinteria. and i couldn’t be happier that they opened a little shop there.

we shared a vanilla bean cupcake. it was perfect.

we added sugar to our iced teas since the cupcake wasn’t sweet enough. ha! i even doodled in the sugar. sugar = happiness. or at least a moment of pure pleasure.

what’s your weakness?


  1. omg i loooooove crushcakes. My brother lives just a couple blocks from the one in sb. I have to go every time I go visit (i’m also in slo…hi 🙂

  2. You have an amazing eye Lisa! That you can make the simple act of pouring sugar into iced tea is genius!!

    My weakness….dark chocolate. I keep stashes in my purse, but am finding that as my little ones get bigger, they keep finding it!

  3. sweets in general….and the local grocery store (Publix) has the best cakes…I love when it when they are fresh…the frosting is especially good! (we used to fight over who got to eat the roses…haha)

  4. i always feel a little guilty dipping my good and healthy strawberries in sugar.

    but then i taste it and get over the guilt in a hurry 🙂

  5. Wow, that place looks amazing! My weakness is ice cream, lots of ice cream. Then I feel cold so need hot chocolate!

  6. I agree w/ sharon “you shared a cupcake”? are they so big you couldn’t eat the WHOLE THING?!?

    who doesn’t love a cupcake? I made cupcakes a few weeks ago (from a mix) – they were white chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing – they were DELISH! and I’m scouring around for another mix (happened across this one at Marshall’s).

    and Dove milk chocolate – that’s my weakness!

  7. Sugar is mine too Lisa!!
    Love this post and the photo of the heart in the sugar.
    I love chocolate too but not in its real
    chocolate macaroons, bars, etc.
    Mmmm dont get me started!
    You’re so sweet! lol
    Deborah xoxo

  8. I have to say my one true weakness is really good red wine, especially Australian Shiraz from the gorgeous Barossa Valley.. Dark Choc would be my second weakness and together, dark chocolate and red wine (place the choc in your mouth and chew a little then add a beautiful mouthful of pure heavenly shiraz) is the ultimate swooning combo! Ahem… does that make me a little weird?? Giggle…

  9. Whohooo! We’re heading down for our annual family vacay there next week. I love that you send me places to visit. 🙂 I’m checking this out and the store you posted about last week. Last year I checked out some other stores in Carp based on your recommendations. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Nutella is my weakness.

    Lisa Leonard (the amazing!),

    Wouldn’t a cupcake be an adorable new design for ya?!! A little girl’s necklace? Stamped word could be “celebrate” or “sweet.” {To be fair… seems as if there needs to be something for little boys: an airplane or a train or a rocket ship —> “adventure.” =) }

    Thanks for the sneak peeks into the summer line via your newsletter. I love being in on the early-bird news! =)

  11. I’ve gone to the dark side! Chocolate, that is. The darker, the better. There are some really great organic brands out now. They make terrific frosting when melted just a bit. Dip your cupcake or a brownie in with a bit of a swirl…Yum! ;-D

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