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So many questions have popped up in the last few days–via comments on the blog, Facebook, twitter, everywhere! So it seemed like a good idea to take a blog post and try to knock out some answers! I certainly don’t have all the answers–but let’s give it a shot!

Where and when will your new reality TV show air? Our production company has made the trailer for Life By Design public and they are beginning to meet with networks. We’ll keep you updated!

Will the show air in Canada/UK? I hope the network will make the show available online–but I don’t know if it will be available abroad.

Aren’t you afraid to do a reality TV show? This opportunity is exciting and also scary! We are trying to go in with our eyes wide open. We want to let people into our family and share honestly, but we also want to protect our family. The idea behind the show is that it’s faith-based and encouraging. We aren’t interested in drama or money–we want to do something that gives hope.

How do you do it all? I SO don’t do it all. First of all I have an amazing team of people around me helping with photography, production, managing our employees, etc. And then there’s my amazing husband Steve who runs the business and keeps things moving. And you should know, most of the time my house is messy and I’m never caught up on laundry. Life is crazy but good.

Do you ever wear a tshirt and tennis shoes?  Not really. On Saturdays I’ll often wear a skirt and denim lacket with flip flops. If we are planning a trip to Disneyland or the zoo I’ll wear converse, jeans a flowy top. I love getting into my jammies after dinner and cuddling on the couch with a cup of decaf.

What products do you use on your skin? I use Nuetrogena anti-wrinkle cream during the day and anti-wrinkle night cream at bedtime. For cosmetics, I buy grocery store brands. Nothing fancy. I’d like to use the good stuff, but maybe I’m too cheap?

What products do you use in your hair? I use Herbal Essence totally twisted mousse and hairspray. After a shower I put mousse {a lot} in my hair, then hairspray and then I use a diffuser to blow dry my hair.Putting hairspray in before I blow dry seems to keep the curl together better.

How do you stay so positive all the time? I don’t. I mean, yes, in general I am happy and thankful. I love my little family and although David has a severe disability, I’ve accepted that and I don’t dwell on it. I have down days, where I let myself be sad and cry. But I can’t live there. There is too much life to be lived. This is my life–I can either embrace it or complain about it. I choose to embrace it. Despite the pain, there is joy to be found.

How is David doing? Do you have surgery scheduled? David is doing great! We have an appointment with our pediatric ENT tomorrow in LA. I’m curious what he’ll say about David’s sinuses and the cyst above his left eye. In general, David is feeling good, he’s less congested and super energetic!

 Do you have other questions for me? Leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them there!


  1. Good Morning Lisa,

    I love all my jewelry that i have gotten from you, (jumble of love necklace, stack rings and Firespun birthstone rings) What can i do about one of my Firespun rings lost its setting (September)?
    thank you so much

  2. Lisa, your posts are so inspiring as is your trailer for your upcoming reality show.. And I am so looking forward to keeping up with it! I was curious.. Your are so open about your religion and faith, would you ever consider doing a weekly post about what you’re studying or reading in your bible? Xoxo brittany

    1. Brittany, you are so sweet! Thank you for keeping up with my blog and joining in on the excitement for the reality show. I love your idea about sharing something from what I’ve been reading. I think I may just do that!

  3. “There is too much life to be lived. This is my life–I can either embrace it or complain about it. I choose to embrace it. Despite the pain, there is joy to be found.” I can’t tell you how this perspective has just been such a blessing to me the last few weeks!! Been thinking lots on what you said here, and so glad you shared – Thanks again!!!

  4. I think your truly a bit nuts… I understand your desire to share your journey in hopes to touch and minister to others, but any network that takes it on may very well make it something different. And are you really ready for the lack of privacy?? Most people seem changed and affected by their life being filmed in such a way!
    I’ll be praying for the right people to take hold of this for you!

  5. I hear you on the make-up. With trends changing SO quickly, it doesnt make sense to spend all that money on the designer make-up, when the grocery store brands are just as good. Thank you for being honest and inspiring. =)

  6. I am so excited about your show…and love to read your blog and get inspired by your outfits. I also have naturally curly hair and fair skin…and would love to know what brand foundation and shade you use. I have a very hard time finding something that doesn’t look orange on my skin!

  7. I can’t wait to see this! You are one of my favorite bloggers! My fiance got me my first L.L. necklace for our anniversary and I wear it everyday! I have been dropping hints for Christmas.

  8. So enjoy your blog. I love your passion for photography. You said you got a new lens. What camera are you shooting your amazing pictures with?

  9. Lisa, you are so amazing + an inspiration. Television needs a family like yours right now. I hope the show works out for you.
    I love your comment about not wearing sneakers much. I too am not a fan, I’d rather be in flats, flip flops, boots or anything else. I only wear sneakers to excercise and cant wait to take them off when I’m done!
    Best of luck at the ENT appoinment.

  10. you are awesome!!Love reading your blog and have alot of your jewlery which I love also.
    Can’t wait for your show!! How exciting!!

  11. Will you get to openly share about your relationship with Christ on the tv show? Or will it be like one of those shows were it’s a part of things, but not direct. Just curious. Both are good!

  12. Hi Lisa — Loved your answer about how your house is messy. I can so relate! I saw a sign today that said, “Pardon the mess. My children are making memories here.” I’m planning a Halloween party for my daughter, and I know the other moms will be looking around my house (hopefully with not-too-critical an eye). I was thinking of hanging that sign up for the party!

  13. Sweet you – you have such a tender heart and so much grace – i SO appreciate how you graciously share your life with us – I also love “depsite the pain, there is joy to be found” YES! I believe that is so true in any journey!

    I am going through a life change that is so hard and painful, but I keep reminding myself that there is joy and to Trust in the Lord – He knows so much better than we do! I want His plan to be fulfilled in my life!

    Hugs to you Lisa,

  14. I have to concur with Melissa- your strength is amazing! You are encouraging and sharing your honesty and positivity is nice to see! You remind me of Paige Knudson of Simple Thoughts Blog. Also I love your style!! Looking forward to your show!

  15. Lisa, do you think you will be able to keep up the blog with the reality show? I don’t know what I would do if you stopped the blog. It has been my morning ritual to read it with my cup of coffee. You always inspire me.
    No pressure….hahaha. Very excited for you and your family : )

  16. You are such a doll Lisa! I LOVED watching that preview of your upcoming reality show. I had no idea your husband was in the ministry…wow! And I loved hearing your voice – what a sweetness you have about you!

    I’d love to know how you stay fit? Do you like to exercise? Would you share that with us?

    1. staying fit. hmmm. well, I don’t exercise but I’m chasing David around all day. I try to eat whole foods–latly I’ve been failing miserably! In general I try to watch my portions and stop when I’m full.

  17. I am so happy for you and all you’ve accomplished! Your optimism and the way you appreciate, love and support (in the most inclusive of terms!) your family is admirable! I know it’s not easy, I’m proud of you and your family for doing so. Eagerly looking forward to your new TV series, and wishing you another successful venture!!!

  18. I don’t have a question… just wanted to say I really admire you and your strength. I love reading your blog and REALLY hope to be watching your show soon!

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