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We had a fabulous weekend! My twin sister and her family stayed in Cambria {about 45 minutes north of us} so we had a couple meals together and a cousin slumber party. On Saturday, we drove out to whale rock reservoir on our way to Cayucos. It’s beautiful. This is a man-made lake that holds the fresh water for San Luis Obispo.

This is a crazy week! We leave for New York on Thursday. I’ll be speaking at the Raising Generations Conference and the whole family is coming along. We’re so excited. But we have a lot to get done in the next few days! How about some hellos?

Hello crazy summer weather. Actually we’ve been having crazy warm weather, almost all winter.

Hello cousins! We love cousin time.

Hello barbed wire. Oh was that meant to keep us out?!

Hello smiles! David is still struggling with lots go GI pain, although bedtimes are going much better. When he’s not in pain he’s happy. That kid is a trooper!

Hello dried stems that still look so pretty.

Hello exploring a dirt road, just because.

Hello sister time. I soak up every moment I can!!

Hello packing for New York. I’m packing layers because it’s still cold there!

Hello Lion King. We’ve got tickets to see it on Broadway. So exciting!

Hello time with this gal. I can’t wait to hug her!

Hello wearing GREEN! Did you remember St. Patricks Day?

Hello dinner with friends, piano lessons, swim lessons, and a birthday party!

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Hello tidy kitchen and messy bedrooms. I wish I could get the whole house clean at one time!

Hello brand new, super busy, super exciting week! Let’s go!

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