Finding beauty in brokenness with giving meanings to simple things

Have I ever mentioned that I believe there is beauty in brokenness? Sigh. Things have been feeling a bit more broken around here lately–lots of doctor visits for David which means lots of driving and time away from the home/workshop. So I’m looking hard for bits of beauty and guess what?! I’m finding it.

Kristi, of Barn Owl Primitives created this AMAZING sign that speaks right to my heart. Does it speak to yours, too?

I love the chalkboard finish. She hand paints each one. Seriously beautiful!

I’ve got it hanging in our living room–along with that thrifted lamp that got spray painted {and the shade striped away} and a bike that my mom gave to Steve for his birthday {he loves to cycle}

Do you believe there is beauty to be found? Even in the every day muck and yuck of life? I find myself taking hot bathes, sipping creamy coffee, cozying up with a soft blanket, stealing snuggles and kisses and stopping to notice the flowers.

Kristi is giving one lucky reader a $75 gift card to her shop. Woohoo! Just leave us a comment and tell us one way you find beauty in the midst of the craziness of life. I hope you win!


  1. I have had a lot of brokenness lately and I can honestly say there is beauty that comes from it. It takes getting through it and looking back to see where the beauty was but its always there. Only by the grace of God is there beauty in the ashes! Thank you for sharing your heart! You and your family are precious!

  2. It’s been so long since I was able to stand back and realize that there is beauty in the brokenness. Or more so that there’s I’ve been trying to see beauty where there wasn’t any. Thank you for the reminder that there is that beauty there and it’s a good thing to look for it.

  3. Beauty in the brokeness is one of the most freeing things I have ever learned, in fact, it is something I feel I am continuing learning to embrace and release to. I would love to have this visual reminder for my kids and all who enter my home. Thanks!

  4. Since I am pregnant I have been waking up earlier… I find that extra quiet just what I need to pray and reflect on God’s blessings.

  5. Waiting for my girls’ naptime to grab a cup of coffee and my iPad for a little pinterest inspiration!

  6. Yes! This speaks to my heart, too! Love, love, love. Thank you, Lisa, for always being your beautiful, authentic self. <3

    I do the same things…snuggly kisses on my little boys' salty necks…creamy coffee on the back porch while the boys' nap, thanking God for the beautiful oak trees in view…deep breaths in hard moments, giving thanks that God works out ALL things for the good of those who love him. Yes, there is ALWAYS beauty to be found!

  7. I just go on the internet and search for stories that help restore my faith in humanity again. Beauty is in actions, not appearances. (:

  8. I find beauty in the midst of craziness by focusing on the hopes and dreams I have for the little miracle baby in my tummy, and not on the million things I have to do every day. It centers me.

  9. I find beauty by taking a break from multi-tasking. I focus on whatever I’m doing at the moment (washing dishes, breastfeeding my 3 month old son, making the bed,…) and I stop trying to do multiple things at once or even plan out what I need to be doing next. It’s amazing how exhausting a day can be when my mind is never resting! God meets me and re-centers me when I slow my frantic brain down.

  10. We moved to England in September. When life gets crazy, we try to make a point to visit someplace new, or just drive to somewhere beautiful. It doesn’t take much, and there is SO MUCH beauty to be found here!

  11. When the house is a pit I am thankful I have a house. When health is tested, I am thankful to be alive and to have time with family and friends.

  12. I cuddle my kids. Even the ones that are too big or think they are too big. Nuzzling their necks and holding them close reminds me of how beautiful life is with them in it.

  13. I like to rest a bit, take a nap, so that I can refresh my mind and soul. Then spending some time in prayer and in His Word helps me in my brokenness.

    1. I find my life, like most, unnecessarily busy with things that could really wait but that I feel the need to occupy my day. I was never able to have children. Because of that I find the beauty in my precious 3 year old neice and her naive antics. They make me take a step back and just breath and realise that its okay to be broken.

  14. I go back to my journal and read about the many blessing he’s provided along the way. I remind myself of the many things I am thankful for in this life even though life is challenging each day.

  15. Praying that things begin to feel unbroken for you all soon. What a blessing to be able to find the beauty. I have found beauty in my Mom’s grace and sense of humor since her cancer diagnosis. It make me feel whole. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  16. crafting or painting is always my go-to for stress relief. I also like to take time to enjoy little moments, like the way the light is coming through a window, or the sound of my little guy babbling away while looking at a book πŸ™‚

  17. I find beauty in a broken world in all 4 of my children. Their smiles and carefree dancing keep me grounded. They are a huge blessing from God!!

  18. Thank you for this reminder. I have been so swallowed by the needs in my home I have forgotten to breathe.

  19. I smell the wisteria that is blooming in my backyard. I just stick my nose right in, close my eyes, and dream.

  20. I find beauty in the brokenness when I take time to stop and sit in a quiet moment and make a list of the things I am thankful for. Before I know it I realize I have many reasons to smile during hard times.

  21. It helps me to stop and count my blessings (which are plentiful, but sometimes I have to slow down and really see them)!

  22. I look at something from my kids, a stuffed animal, toy, Barbie, superhero. Everything having to do with them is beautiful. πŸ™‚

  23. I most definitely see beauty in the journey with my sweet boy with Lowe Syndrome. God is making beautiful things out of he dusty broken places.

  24. I find beauty in my sweet baby girl’s smile and sound of her voice as she tell’s me “I love you mama” countless times throughout the day. Nothing heals or lifts you up like true unconditional love & acceptance. I have always admired Barn Owl Primitives designs & I would be thrilled to have one hanging in our home.

    I’ve never commented before Lisa, but I love your jewelry & keepsakes, and your blog. When I need to find some comfort & peace online I always find myself thinking of you and sign in to read and be inspired. I think you are a genuine person and amazing mother and I am sure wife and friend, sister…. πŸ™‚

  25. Deep breaths. Long walks. Time spent snuggling my kids. Looking at the beautiful mountains that surround me. Laughing.
    Amy in CO

  26. I hang out with my kiddos as im sure to get a laugh, a hug and it takes my mind away and i count my blessings every day with them!

  27. I grab a cup of coffee I look at old family pictures, which usually takes me back to calmer days, The smiles on the kids’ faces makes me feel warm inside.
    Thanks for this giveaway! I love finding new places to find inspirational things for may home.

  28. Oh my goodness, craziness is a constant in my house! I love the chaos and commotion, but sometimes I need to just sit and take a deep breath. I also cherish the times I can meet with my best friend for a quick breakfast on a Saturday morning before the weekend really begins. She grounds me, listens to me, laughs with me, and loves me. We can talk about anything and encourage each other. We can pray together and dream together.
    Thanks for the chance to win something from Kristi’s shop!!

  29. I was given a child’s puzzle of a butterfly to use during my prayer time. Each day I take a new piece out of the box and have quiet time with God, praying over my circumstances. The piece is a reminder that our vision is limited. We see only what has been put before us. But God has the big picture, He has the master design of this puzzle we call life. We get glimpses of what He is doing in our lives each day. The beauty to me is watching that butterfly emerge piece by piece. God is doing the same thing in me. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

  30. It doesn’t always happen, but I try to take 5-10 minutes
    each day to read “Jesus Calling” and then listen to what God has to say to me.

  31. every time i am overwhelmed with being a mom, i think of the fact that my mom did those things for me, and i’m overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

  32. I recently had a baby and no matter how stressful or crappy of day I am having, his little smile and love brightens my day. It is impossible to resist his smile!

  33. My husband travels a lot so when he arrives home and to see our kids with him is a true blessing. We try and live everyday to the fullest. My husband always says “there is only one tomorrow so live it”.

  34. I find beauty when I take a break from the busyness of managing our household and sit with the children to read a book and truly enjoy the moment.

  35. I love the lamp, so industrial looking! Pretty neat how she gave the sign a chalkboard finish to it. I hope David is doing well, must be tough on him and the entire family to visit doctors time and time again.

    I love to take walks when I’m having a bad day and bring my camera along with me. We have beautiful blue jays and cardinals along the trail and they always make me smile!

    Happy Friday! Xoxo

  36. Even the wildest day looks so much better through the eyes of our grandkids. All 5 of them make me feel so
    loved and connected when we talk or visit in person.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  37. Some days are harder to find beauty in the brokenness after losing my husband. Yet I make it a point every day to get up and find something joyful. My life verse is from James where he teaches us to consider it joy when tough things happen because it draws us closer to the character of Christ. It is also the title and theme of my blog (Consider It All Joy). It’s not easy but it’s worth it!

  38. Ive recently became involved in Crossfit and I find beauty in the box where I test myself to the absolute limits of my abilities.

  39. During a particularly chaotic day, which we have been experiencing frequently lately, I find myself so enjoying those tiny quiet moments when my daughter (10 months old) stops and just smiles at me….because I’m her momma! So heartwarming

  40. There is much ‘beauty’ in brokenness! God gives us things in life that he knows we can handle through Him! I lost my sister 17 years ago…with 3 small children I had to find beauty in the pain and brokenness of my loss! Those 3 babies were my beauty in a painful/broken situation! Through Him I was able to press on and find beauty in my life! So yes…there is BEAUTY in BROKENNESS!

  41. We live 45 minutes from church. During our drives to get there on Sunday mornings, I read out loud to my husband and son. At the moment we’re working through the Chronicles of Narnia (we’re on The Silver Chair). But it’s those moments, with my son in the backseat and my awesome man driving, I just sigh and say, “Thank You, Lord.”

    1. I should add that five years ago was a very dark time. I’m so thankful we stuck it out, had faith in Him more than anything, and chose to have faith in one another. It wasn’t easy, but the brokenness made us so much stronger. I wouldn’t trade it because now I know its importance. The “was” that has made our “is” and an “is to come” possible.

  42. This may sound odd but I find beauty in my cats. When I have a rough day they have a way to make all feel good again. One is a cuddle bug and just melts when he is cuddled and spoken to. Brings me back from the gloom.

  43. ya know when we get through the day without a major break down (my son has Fetal Alcohol and Autism)… and then watching and discovering the world through his innocent eyes.

  44. As part of this Lenten season, I have chosen to replace negativity with gratitude. This attitude brings my focus to my Jesus and all His gifts. I can always find beauty in the middle of all my brokenness.

  45. When the world starts feeling like a lot lot LOT, I take a minute to stop, breathe deeply, and give thanks for all the good that is in my life.

  46. I find peace and gratitude in the messy middle when I document our everyday lives – it brings to the forefront all the good, and serves as a reminder to not dwell on all that is going wrong or not working out like I thought.

  47. I live by the moment…rather than Stressing about it,who can control what the future gives us…go with the flow, some how it always works itself out!
    I hide my impairments from everyone, no one knows when I am in pain, because one moment to the next is different!

  48. Life is crazy! Everyday I find peace from the chaos with the sunrise and sunset. The sunrise gives me joy in knowing today is a new day and starts perfectly. And, the unsetting gives me hope that if today didn’t end perfectly, tomorrow will come and will be brilliant!

  49. I see beauty in brokeness everyday when I look at my wonderful husband living everyday with cystic fibrosis. He is inspirational to me.

  50. It’s not an easy road, the broken one. But there are moments among the pieces of heartbreak, sadness, disappointment and pain. I believe they are God moments. They may be a beautiful sunrise (when you’ve been up all night) or a quote at just the right moment, or a song you really needed to hear. For me, sometimes I could feel my heart give way and cleanish tears would flow. Because I would know, in that tearful moment, the God cares. He sees each heartbreak and catches each tear. He is in the redemptive business! Redemption is rescuing something from loss. After all, He rescued me. “This is broken. Throw it out.” Not in God’s economy! He sees beauty in my brokenness. And in the brokenness of each one of us.

  51. I found the beauty in brokenness today when I went to put the down payment on my first apartment and I lost my car key. I had to calm myself and think of how peaceful the snow looked across from my car. After a few moments I was about to locate my key and leave!!. I find the beauty in nature

  52. My one year old’s laughter when I tickle her and “big girl” hugs from my four year old! Love this blog and your jewelry!

  53. I make myself a cup of strong coffee and take a few minutes to relax and think of my favorite things………….gardening, puttering around in my kitchen, making some greeting cards, reading some quality fiction, taking time to thank God for sooooooooooooo many, many blessings.

  54. We live in the north east, and this has been a particularly long cold winter, with tons of snow. As I was driving my kids to school this morning after yet another delayed opening, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the snow on all of the trees. Everywhere I looked could have been a picture on a postcard . As done as I am with this snow and cold weather, I decided to drive around after I dropped the kids off and take pictures of the beauty of our ( hopefully) last snow storm of the season ! Thanks for sharing Lisa. Love reading your blog πŸ™‚

  55. I like to sit back and reflect on all the good that God has provided in my life, even if at times he throws me curveballs.

  56. I grew up with a verbally and physically abusive father. I do not have many happy childhood memories. I have been married almost 20 years to a wonderful Christian man. We have 4 children. I just love them so much. We homeschool. I love spending every day with them doing normal things. We love to also go on vacations and day trips. We try to let them participate and grow in areas they are interested in. I want my children to look back on their childhoods with many happy memories. I am not letting my past define my future!

  57. I find it in walking out to the front yard and enjoying the change in the seasons- the little robins peckin at the grass, the fresh breeze that blows on my face makes me think of God and reminds me that there is more to life than my fears and failures.

  58. I work at a shelter for women and when things get too crazy, I stop and remember the beauty in their transformed lives. We are all broken, but can be made whole through Christ.

  59. Every evening I read one chapter of the Purpose Driven Life by My Pastor, Rick Warren. I remember it’s not all about me and think of where I’m headed and the blessings I have in my life. Like three crazy boys!

  60. I sit and remember what is important in life – God, my family and 2 healthy beautiful boys. I also try to find little things that make me happy, write them down and put them into my ” blessing box” and read them when I am feeling down.

  61. I just stop, breath, slow down, and listen to nature. It is calming to hear birds or whatever Gods small gifts may be! πŸ™‚

  62. I find that calling my girls to the sofa for snuggling and reading is something that helps us all relax & refocus. I also love my new devotion book (One Thousand Gifts) and find it to be very inspiring. In the back of the book are numbered pages to write down things throughout the day in which I am thankful. It has been quite an eye opener for me to see just how many things I can jot down in one day…very simple things.

  63. It is our choice to make. To choose joy or sorrow. To see the beauty in life or the ugliness. To love or to hate. It’s a conscious effort that we need to make every day to see the beauty in the Lord’s creation and to choose to love and seek joy in our lives. Life is too short to not do that. Blessings . . .

  64. Painting…helps me relax in my stressful, crazy world.
    I paint on older items, wondows, screens, suitcases, etc….
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. My son has the sweetest way of cuddling up and giving me hugs when I’m having a yucky day!
    Oh, that and I have “get well” presents that I save for days when I’m feeling low…sometimes a candle…a lipstick…earrings…just something small to make me smile.

  66. I always see the beauty in my children’s sleeping faces. Even if it’s been a crazy day, just looking at them makes you feel like it will be a fresh start.

  67. In my children’s smiles. In the sunshine. In my God. It is hard but then again the good things are meant to be hard.

  68. So fun, Lisa! Honestly, your blog helps me find the beauty. There aren’t a ton of people (that I read anyway) with that particular thrust to their writing…as wonderful as they may be!…so this place you have here is a tool that I use to help me see beauty in my life. You lead by example and I so appreciate that.

    Another way, is that I go outside when I can and find it in nature. It’s almost ALWAYS there for me.

  69. As a working Mom who is always on the go and usually in a rush from here to there, I find beauty in the brokenness when I can sing in the car with my daughter and watch her from the rear view mirror as she pretends to know the words to the song. It’s fun! She loves when Bruno Mars comes on the radio!

  70. There is nothing more beautiful than the spirit of a child – my son allows me to see the beauty in every moment, every day. From his fresh eyed perspectives and observations to his ability to love unconditionally and without fear, he makes each and every day beautiful simply by being him. I am blessed.

  71. I take my dog for a walk, and have a nice heart-to-heart with God along the way. I’m always much more aware of the beauty in my life by the time we make it back to the house.

  72. I take a few minutes to tell my children how much they mean to me. They really help me put things back into perspective when life gets crazy.

  73. I pray while I knit. I imagine with each stitch that God is calming my spirit and soothing my soul. It really works! Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Sometimes I see something very ordinary and its so beautiful, it almost feels like it was just between God and I.

  75. I find beauty after my quiet time in the morning – snuggling with my dogs, drinking coffee, reading my bible and talking to Jesus. After that, everything is beautiful.

  76. There is beauty in experiencing the grace of God in imperfect situations! I hope you have that experience today!

  77. I find beauty when I walk in the door each day after work and I snuggle with my dog. It’s the first thing I do, and it makes any discomfort in the day go away.

  78. Through being sick, I able still able to look at the happiness in my children. I smile and glow inside to out!

  79. I find beauty in the morning with the start of a new day, like Anne of Greene Gables – each day is new with a fresh beginning.

  80. i try to find beauty in the craziness by keeping perspective. this world isn’t our home, thankfully, and the more i dwell on that and not on the crazy then things are more peaceful, more beautiful.

  81. At the end of my crazy endless days and nights I do find some beauty in my broken life. As a caretaker of my elderly mother and my 15 year old autistic son I struggle. There is no sugar coating it. I have a chronic illness and tend to ignore my own health. However I keep a gratitude journal hidden between my mattresses. This beautiful little journal that I took my time in choosing for its beautiful colors and prints makes me so happy to sneak out at the end of the day even when I am too exhausted to turn off my bedside lamp. I find myself writing the smallest things…my son gave me a whisper of I love you today!! What joy that gives me. I give all these emotions to God. There is Joy in Brokenness…I live it every day! Peace and happiness to all of you!!

  82. Finding beauty in the pain. How? That I’m determined to find out. Why? Why I see everywhere. When Jesus returned to his close friends, perfected, resurrected, he had scars. He showed them his scars. We try so hard to do good be good, appear perfect even. We forget to show our scars. The ones that teach grace. The ones that He saved us from, the ones that we only made it through because of Him. Being honest about the ugliness and the hurt, doesn’t mean dwelling on it. It means reaching out to other with compassion and grace because we know that pain. We are better for it.

  83. By finding things to be thankful for TODAY. I can’t change yesterday, and no amount of fretting will change tomorrow, but today I can choose to be thankful and not get lost in the crazy…and it is an active choice.

  84. Beauty: Just waking up to the sunrise in the morning and feeling a cool breeze sweeping over my face. Brokenness: the passing of my sister three days ago.

  85. If we only looked for the beauty in the ‘out of the ordinary’ moments, we would miss so much. I am trying to take time each day to appreciate the little things that are special and not just wait for the big ones.

  86. I have been thinking of you guys this week! xo

    One way I find beauty in the brokenness is listening to podcasts while cleaning up and making tomorrow’s lunches after the kids go to bed.I love a little Art of Simple, Spilled Milk, or Dinner Party Download!

  87. i find beauty in my family – while our daily schedule may be chaotic and toys strewn everywhere. my family shows me the beauty that is unconditional love.

  88. Finding Beauty for me means…. not everything about my home or myself has to be perfect to enjoy or share with others….

  89. Love this blog post! Beauty in the brokenness for me is surrendering the brokenness to Jesus and letting Him bring beauty to it. He redeems it, uses it, and creates soft spots in my heart where there has been hard callouses. It’s allowing God to use my brokenness to reach others and share His love.

  90. I find beauty when things don’t go according to plan. I know it happens for a reason and instead of getting frustrated, I make myself stop and appreciate the “detour”.

  91. I find beauty when I can slow and hear the whisper of the spirit reminding me he is making all things new…my heart, my family, my relationships, all of creation…and when I get to catch a glimpse of “new” it stirs my soul!

  92. Quiet reflection and realizing life could be so much worse….I have many things to be thankful for in my life. After all, it made me who I am.

  93. I find beauty in my son’s laughter. He’s 2 and can be quite a challenge in this phase, but he laughs loud and often. It’s beautiful, spiritual, and life-giving.

  94. I work night shift. I love the quiet drive home especially in the spring. I love seeing nature wake up and turn green. Quiet moments are the best!

  95. Yes, life is messy and hard and when things don’t go the way I want and it feels broken or it broken — I sit, breathe deep and find 3 or 5 things to be thankful for. I look at the children God gave me and I remember that He is faithful – and yes, Lisa YES – there is definately beauty in the broken!!

  96. I generally have a busy schedule what with work and kids and home … and it’s easy to get frazzled. I play a game with myself where I look for beauty in the unexpected and in the periphery — the way the wind blows a piece of garbage, the arc of the barista’s arm as he sweeps the counter clean at the coffee shop. That kind of beauty in the ordinary never fails to bring a small smile to my lips. I love LOOKING for beauty where it’s usually not seen. (Thanks for the great giveaway!)

  97. I constantly try to look for the beauty and blessings in the midst of my ugly and brokenness! Praying for the deliverance of my young adult son from drug addiction! Even though sometimes I feel my heart has literally been broken apart there IS still beauty! Love this painting and would love to hang in my kitchen as a reminder daily!

  98. In the center of all the chaos and heartbreak it’s easy to feel defeated. Instead I look around this messy house and hear my children’s laughter. Their laughter is the most beautiful sound and it heals me.

  99. Sitting outside on my front porch for 15 minutes does wonders. I can’t just sit, though. I “fine tune” what I am looking at. Deliberately paying attention to small details. Trees budding, now blossoming. THe bird’s nest under construction, now finished… Deep breathing and paying attention to little things totally unrelated to anything else for 15 minutes. It’s a bit like a mini vacation!

  100. I find beauty in the brokeness by hugging. When my world seems to be falling apart I hug my husband or children. That simple connection reminds me of how somehow everything will be ok.

  101. I love to collect quotes for inspiration and try to remember to be grateful for the rose and the thorn.

  102. I love listening to praise and worship music when life hands me a basket of crazy. Its nice to relax in the presence of my Lord and know that He has it all under control, even when I don’t.

  103. Just enjoying quiet moments with my three kiddos. Their innocence is calming to me in a hectic world.

  104. I Work for hospice… That has made me find beauty every morning my eyes crack open no matter what my day will bring.. blessed to have another day no one is promised tomorrow.. life is beutiful even the hard times!!

  105. While going through years of fertility struggles, I truly felt broken. My sweet mother-in-law always had wonderful words of wisdom to help me see how blessed I really was. Now that I’m a mommy of an amazing two year old and expecting our second child soon, I thank God everyday for those years of feeling broken. I feel that they made me a better mommy, wife and friend and now I really do appreciate the “little” things πŸ™‚

  106. I stop everything I’m doing and just look at my two young sons. Although they are usually linked to my craziness, they also ground me.

  107. It is nice to find beauty in your everyday surroundings. From people, to life, to the outdoors. There is so much beauty in our everyday life.

  108. Quiet moments on my work commute just no music, taking in my surroundings and listening for His voice. Then there’s the musically worshipful commute that counteracts it from time to time, too! πŸ™‚ God is good.

  109. I try to take time daily to see the beauty around us. Sometimes it is hard when life “gets in the way” but I know that others always have it worse than I do.

  110. I leave my car radio set to a local Contemporary Christian station and it always brightens my mood as soon as I start the car. While driving, it reminds me to slow down (usually litterally) and enjoy everything around me and everything I am blessed with.

  111. I look at each and everyone of my Autism students that I teach each day, smile, and say “there but for the Grace of God”!

  112. In the midst of craziness, I try to remember the gifts I have been bestowed…and I use a LOT of humor…smiling and laughing always make it better! (oh, and chocolate…that’s important too..ha!)

  113. The most beautiful part of my chaotic life is the hour or so before everyone in my house begins to stir. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, the gorgeous sunrise, and my bible, I find the peace I crave. These precious few moments sustain my days and bring such clarity amidst the crazy. My brokenness is made whole by the Lover of my soul.

  114. There is beauty all around us. When we are so caught up in the “muck” that is life, we sometimes don’t see it. Yesterday, we woke up to yet another snowday in this never ending winter. In the afternoon, the snow had stopped and the sun came out. I had to drive my son to the high school for drivers ed and was able to SEE the beauty from the storm. The heavy, wet snow was sitting in the trees, weighing down the branches. It was gorgeous!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  115. I make sure I keep perspective and remember to count my blessings every day. It can be so easy to focus on the hardships and everything that is going wrong but I have to remind myself every day how very lucky I am.

  116. I always find it helpful if i look at my surroundings as if I was a visitor – seeing everything for the first time. It works really well for me and brings such excitement and thankfulness for the wonderful world God has given us.

  117. Wow…I was going to write something about the birds chirping the advance of spring…but judging by the amazing comments here, though, there’s so much beauty in the resilience of life and love…and perseverance.

    As Lisa inspires us, we in turn inspire each other.

  118. I find sitting in some quiet even just a few seconds works. When life is loud, taking myself somewhere with little input helps to breath and refocus.

  119. What a generous giveaway. Love Barn Owl P. When things are crazy, sad, ugly, or crazy busy I think of my granddaughter Londyn and I am always reminded of God’s Grace and faithfulness. She is my saving grace!

  120. When I’m having a bad day nothing makes me feel better than putting on a movie and snuggling up with my 3 awesome kids. They are always a huge reminder that things will be okay!

  121. I love this beautiful sign. I am currently trying to find beauty in the brokenness that is my infertility.

  122. I find beauty in brokenness when I stop and breathe. It helps to center me, to remind myself of where I am or where I am capable of going. Sometimes when I’m down or feel at a standstill i forget to breathe, to get air to my body. I can see beauty when I breathe- it brings me closer to God!

  123. When I feel stress, I think about how truly blessed I am to have amazing kids, a supportive husband, a safe and comfortable home… there are people all around the world that would give anything to have what I have – I am truly lucky… every day stresses come and go…let them go…and find beauty and happiness in the things (i.e. people) that REALLY MATTER! xo

  124. Beauty in brokenness – When darkness seems to hide His face, I rest on His unchanging grace. Remembering and reflecting on the faithfulness of God – that’s where I find beauty in the middle of chaos.

  125. I find beauty in just taking a walk or run outside…feeling the warmth of the sun , the light it cast or latey on the snowy days feeling and seeing the beautiful flakes hit my face, always a happy place to found

  126. trying to stay present in the moments that matter. Even the broken moments will be precious later. Being able to hug my family and son makes all things beautiful

  127. That beautiful smile of my daughters can totally wipe away any remnants of a stressful or frustrating day. She’s the light of my life.

  128. My beauty in brokenness is my grand daughter, she had her second major surgery on Tuesday. She is in ICU and they still have her heavily sedated. I just can’t wait to see her awake again and to enjoy her smiles and to see her beautiful eyes open again . That girl just makes my heart melt! Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  129. I absolutely love this message & would have it be the title of my life if I could give it a title. My own journey has been seeking wholeness from a broken past. I’ve had a lot of questions growing up in the wake of my mother’s depression, failed suicide attempts, & divorces. I found hope in healing through my faith and live to bring beauty and his message to the lives of others. I’m a home-based mental Health counselor working wih families and teens who are broken and needing hope. I’m a pastor’s wife and we partner together in bringing about healing and wholeness to the lives of our church family as we meet with them in our home, live life in community, and being there with them as they sort through their brokenness and find HOPE that it will be made beautiful in time. I would be so blessed to have this piece in my home to speak the message my husband and I live on a day to day basis.


  130. Brokenness really does bring such great beauty. Adoption is one of the ways that God turns brokenness into blessing. My aunt and uncle weren’t able to have children of their own flesh and blood but we’re able to adopt an amazing little girl. The prayer and desire for her was such a beautiful picture do God’s prayers and desires for us as his own adopted children. I have been so blessed to be a part if their journey and continue to see the power of God at work as they start adoption #2!

  131. I work in the medical field, mainly with cancer care patients. Each day I do my part to help with their diagnosis, good or bad, and even though cancer is one of the most horrible unforgiving beasts out there, I think it’s beautiful how it brings families together. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing the love from a parent to their child, a gentle hand squeeze from a man to his wife of 60 years, or just something as simple as a person giving me a hug and saying “thank you.” Life itself is beautiful.

  132. In the cold months I like to snuggle up with a blanket & a good cup of coffee or tea and just look out the window & enjoy the snow. When it’s warm… I like to be outside, either reading & relaxing or on a walk in our lovely neighborhood.

  133. Every day I try and stop once or twice while walking out to the car to notice and listen for the beauty of God’s creation. I find such beauty in birds and listening to their individual and unique songs. It is such a gift and I feel The Lord so clearly in those moments.

  134. My new milk frother — makes the mornings tolerable πŸ˜‰ seeing the joy my puppy (though no longer a puppy) has when she sees me, no matter how long i’ve been gone. A long kiss from my hubby, at any given moment. any little thing that makes me smile throughout the day.

  135. Beauty in brokenness is a kind neighbor who owns a carpet store volunteering to give us remnants so that our kids don’t have to have plywood floors in their bedrooms. πŸ™‚

  136. …still praising God and being grateful amongst my messes! πŸ™‚ lisa –LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cross bracelet! so pretty!

  137. Going to church every week allows me to see how broken I am, but there is beauty in fellowship with other broken believers.


  139. In the hospital right now for treatment for my chronic illness, and I’ve been looking for interesting patterns in hospital gowns and furniture! Also, I have a window view so I can enjoy the outdoors from the craziness in here πŸ™‚

  140. God in His creativity can take the dirt & ugliness in our lives & make it purposeful & beautiful! I’m so very thankful for His grace! This is a beautiful sign <3

  141. The sun is my go to when I feel broken or blegh and just need to be uplifted. All it takes is a 10 min walk outside to breathe in the fresh air, listen to nature and soak up the beautiful rays!?!?

  142. While going through cancer treatment, the people who came alongside me, including friends, relatives, and medical people, brought beauty into my life. Two friends in particular, planted a beautiful little garden around my bird bath when I couldn’t do it because of a broken arm. They did it on a day when we came home from the doctor a little discouraged and it just made me cry happy tears.

  143. I (remind myself) to be thankful in all, child with fever this am…1000 gifts. Thanks Lisa & Kristi for this beautiful reminder~

  144. I find myself finding beauty in my brokenness when I’m surrounded by nature. Whether it be in the garden or hiking I seem to find more leave there. And I know it’s because I know how much time God spent creating everything in nature & how intricate nature is. I’m instantly reminded that He spent so much more time on me. He cares more for me than the flowers or jalapeΓ±o plant. And He loves me more than I can ever understand. Realizing all of that allows me to be covered with peace that only comes from God & to see the beauty in my brokenness instead of the brokenness itself.

  145. My daughter…she picks me up every day and helps me forget about my illness. She is my beauty in my brokenness.

  146. I try to see life through the eyes of my daughter who dances and sings (with gusto) around the house, in the backyard…. with no fear or embarrassment. that is what i wish i could do in the times that i feel broken.

  147. I just sang to myself a few days ago the Baptist Hymn:
    Count your blessings name them one by one –
    count your blessings see what God has done –
    My husband just had a vehicle rollover accident and walked away WITHOUT A SCRATCH. Lots of God circumstances that day – but was a great reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

  148. At the end of the day the things that helps me forget the craziness of life is watching my 3 and 4 year old sleep. It gives me a moment to reflect on the good times.

  149. Living in daily chronic pain I have found to enjoy the moments in life with my kids that I can be with them, instead of focusing on the pain. It helps me with my focus for each day!

  150. I keep reminding myself that God has HIS reasons for brokenness and that everything works out in the end. Giggles and happiness from my children help out as well πŸ™‚

  151. not trying to “promote” anything, but i just started using the “happier” app on my iphone and this is a huge pick-me-up throughout the day. you share your “happy” with others – no matter how tiny or small – and enjoy the ones that others post. you can make new friends or connect with the ones you already have. it is nice during a crappy work day to find that tiny thing to post and share, and also to read the smiles from other people to remind you of the good/great/special. it is a huge boost to your mood!!!

  152. I try to slow down, take a minute to read something inspiring ;), and remember all the good gifts that I’ve been giving. Laughing helps too. Hope David’s appts go well!

  153. A cup of coffee and my Bible……and listening to my three girls laughing as the quote old Andy Griffith episodes. πŸ™‚

  154. Lisa:
    Inspired again today by your words in your blog. Trusting God to give you peace today.
    I have so many ways to ease my worries that it is hard to choose one. I guess my best way to find some peace is to pick up my needlework and just sit and work. If it is mindless work, it gives me time to pray for those who need a blessing and that will get my mind off my own troubles. I love to piece quilts, knit and embroider. Also make a lot of gifts which is ultimately the best way to find order in the middle of chaos.

  155. Take a moment and watch the kids without them seeing me. I know no matter what is happening I am by far the most blessed I can be.

  156. When that brokenness attempts to take over my heart and emotions, I know I need perspective…I try to slow down, take a deep breath, give my kiddos a kiss…and then turn on the worship music and get out my Bible. In The Lord I find peace and hope and rest, but I’ve got to intentionally go there and let Him write on my heart and speak truth over the broken places. What a beautiful sign!

  157. I see the beauty in my messy house and crazy schedule because I’m so lucky to have people in my life to mess up my house and keep me busy. <3

  158. I look, really look into the faces of my children – past the crumbs and popsicle stains and realize that my sweet family is what really matters.

  159. I know that God will always turn the broken into beautiful. He’s shown it to me through so many things in life – job rejections – miscarriage – He always has a plan.

  160. I text my friend, who lives in Hawaii and her husband is currently deployed, every night and we talk about what we are grateful for that happened that day.

  161. I get up every morning at 5 get my sons medications ready, nebulizers ready then I make myself a Cafe Mocha and read Lisa’s blog and enjoy the sound of the ocean. This is my special time before I start my day.

  162. living with multiple chronic illnesses that require a lot from me and my family for me – I find beauty in gratitude – deep abiding gratitude for what is “do-able” and possible in the every day in light of what is not – thanks be to God for today!

  163. Twelve and and a half years ago when our youngest son was born with Down Syndrome, I felt like all my dreams for him were broken. Of course I soon came to embrace who he is and the blessing he is to our lives daily.However home schooling him and being with him 24/7 can sometimes be stressful! The things that help are starting my day having coffee with my husband before he goes to work, having a quiet time with the Lord(both before my little early riser wakes up), laughing and reading with my son, and doing something creative such as decorating when time permits. And just TRYING not to take life too seriously!

  164. A sleeping baby to cuddle with is one of the most soothing things in life. They grow, and change, soooo fast!

  165. When things get stressful I find myself cleaning. It clears my head and I’m left with a cleaner house when I’m done. Also taking pictures of my children. Nothing better than a child smiling!

  166. What a beautiful expression that is…beauty in brokenness. My husband and I lost our adult son in a fire so we live this brokenness every day. Trusting in God is cometimes an hourly choice for us. Lately we find beauty in our dog Indy’s chocolate brown fur (he is a labbie!) and big expressive eyes. He has let me cry thousands of tears into that fur – he misses our boy just as much as we do. My husband just ordered me the beauty in brokenness heart necklace with Jonathan’s initials and I can’t wait to put it around my neck.

    Much love to you Lisa and your sweet family


    1. Oh, Diane, what a tragedy….sending you my heartfelt condolences and hugs along the spring breeze from Montana.

  167. I like to sit back and look at the big picture. This earth is not my home and it will be over in a flash, Heaven is waiting…

  168. At the end of each day, I try to tidy up the house so I don’t have to face a mess in the morning. Then I put on my PJ’s and cuddle up with my dogs to watch an hour of mindless TV. Pets love you no matter what. They definitley help you de-stress.

  169. i write a list of 5 things to be happy about to my best friend via email every single night. πŸ™‚

  170. When things are stressful… My mom used to tell us “Take a walk around the block”. Over the years I have taken many a walk around the block(s) just to clear my head and take a few deep breaths…it (almost) always does the trick. If I can get outside and just take the time to look around and appreciate the beauty of the day it helps.
    Also read a book once the author used to tell herself “What if everything was all alright”…say that to yourself over and over and you will find it also helps you relax a bit.
    *Best of luck with all your appts ahead…

  171. A smile from a stranger. A gentle touch. A cardinal bird sitting on a branch after a snow storm. Bouquet of flowers from a friend. A handwritten card in the mail. My babies (dogs) curled up next to me. All those little gestures are so big when I/one have/has a heavy heart.

  172. I like to just sit back and read or sit in my sun room and watch or listen to the wild life in my back yard.

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