It’s my birthday celebrating!

Hello sweet friends!

It’s my birthday! I’m saying hello to anther year. How about some hellos?

Hello spending time with my sisters celebrating! My twin sister Chrissie and I are celebrating our birthday today. And my younger sisters {who are also twins} celebrate their birthday on August 25th! So fun.

Hello thankful to have these girls in my life. So very thankful.

Hello birthday cake. Yes, please! {Find cake toppers in my shop here}

Hello feeling very determined to get my closet organized this week!

Hello feeling fall-ish. I’m ready for boots and scarves, how about you?

Hello earrings on special–three pairs for $29–wow! Hop over to my shop to get yours!

Hello pink eye–again. Ugh! I’m not sure if it’s allergies or what?! I’m getting drops today so hopefully it will be taken care of quickly.

Hello researching sewing machines. Can you recommend a good/affordable one?

Hello silly David destroying the house–well that may be overstating it, but WOW that kiddo can make a mess!

Hello starting to talk about Halloween costumes. I’m not sure what my kiddos will be this year–but we’re already planning.

Hello pancakes and coffee and snuggles. The boys first day of school is Thursday–so we’re soaking up our last few mornings.

Hello Monday, hello birthday, hello happy!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or leave a link for your own hello monday post there!


  1. Beautiful women all. And how adorable you each have such curly hair!! You sure look alike! How blessed you all are.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you and to your sisters. What a lovely family! Wishing you all a wonderful year of many blessings. My sister has two sets of twin girls!! Her 16 year old daughters are fraternal and her 13 year old daughters are identical! It’s amazing to watch them grow into young adults! I am a happy auntie!

  3. Happy birthday! Funny, I saw the picture posted on Instagram before I read your blog post. I thought to myself, all four of you could be twins…or I guess that would be quadtruplets! I hope you all had a wonderful birthday!

  4. And I thought my mom had her hands full with 3 birthdays in December (13th, 15th, 17th)…two birthdays less than a week apart for two sets of twins…that’s a handful! Have fun!

  5. Happy Birthday to all those curly girls! I can’t imagine having one sister, let alone three! You all are so lucky :).

    Oh, and once I got pink eye as an adult, well, it just kept coming back every now and then. Grrr.

    Hello, Monday. Hello to getting my school bag out and starting to get ready to head back to my classroom (first day is 9/4!). Hello to back-to-school shopping and haircuts for my girls. Hello to book club meeting this week (yay!), and lots of time with special ladies this weekend.

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa! Praying for a blessed year for you and your family. Enjoy every special moment.

    I’m new to your blog and etsy shop and I have so enjoyed your jewelry designs.

    I am a Mom, Grandmom (Nana) and “Pastor.” I say the last one with hesitation, hoping not to upset anyone about being a woman Pastor.
    I do love all the hats I wear, but my favoite and continuous on is that of Mom and Nana. I have three grown daughters,3 grandsons -1 granddaughter.

    My hobbies are–acrylic painting, photography, sewing and crocheting. (When I have time 🙂 )


  7. Happy birthday to one and all!! May this year be full of blessings and happiness. And since you asked, I love my Janome. Have used Singer and found Janome light years nicer and they have all kinds of price points. Automatic buttonhole is the bomb!!

  8. Happy Birthda, Lisa (and sisters)! I’m also planning to tackle some closets & reorganize this week — nothing like back to school to make me want to purge. And we went to Michael’s this weekend & the whole family got excited about all the Halloween stuff.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day! I have had such a wonderful experience working with your staff and enjoying your cool creations. All the best!


  10. Aw, happy birthday Lisa (and co)! So sorry about all the pink eye going around. We went through that this past year and it just seemed to take a few rounds before we finally killed whatever was causing it. I think the drops definitely helped.

    I’m saying hello to getting rid of our Too Much Stuff problem and getting ready for fall in my shop too. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday – you and your sisters are absolutely adorable. You were all blessed with such beautiful hair too 🙂

  12. Somehow along the way I totally missed your younger sisters are twins too. Wow, your parents had their hands full for a season when you were all little.

  13. Happy Birthday! So neat that you have a twin AND twin sisters, too! I bought a Singer 7258 Stylist from Amazon about a year ago and love it!

  14. Praying for a special birthday day for you Lisa!!! You are a blessing, inspiration and I am sure someday you will hear…”Well done good and faithful servant” Keep on keeping on!!!

  15. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fab day. I use a Janome sewing machine. It was very reasonably priced and works like a trooper. I have had it for nearly 9 years and have only needed servicing. Servicing is important no matter what machine you buy. Look for one that meets your needs now and that has some features that you may want to use in the future. Happy shopping.

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