Hello sweet friends!

It’s my birthday! I’m saying hello to anther year. How about some hellos?

Hello spending time with my sisters celebrating! My twin sister Chrissie and I are celebrating our birthday today. And my younger sisters {who are also twins} celebrate their birthday on August 25th! So fun.

Hello thankful to have these girls in my life. So very thankful.

Hello birthday cake. Yes, please! {Find cake toppers in my shop here}

Hello feeling very determined to get my closet organized this week!

Hello feeling fall-ish. I’m ready for boots and scarves, how about you?

Hello earrings on special–three pairs for $29–wow! Hop over to my shop to get yours!

Hello pink eye–again. Ugh! I’m not sure if it’s allergies or what?! I’m getting drops today so hopefully it will be taken care of quickly.

Hello researching sewing machines. Can you recommend a good/affordable one?

Hello silly David destroying the house–well that may be overstating it, but WOW that kiddo can make a mess!

Hello starting to talk about Halloween costumes. I’m not sure what my kiddos will be this year–but we’re already planning.

Hello pancakes and coffee and snuggles. The boys first day of school is Thursday–so we’re soaking up our last few mornings.

Hello Monday, hello birthday, hello happy!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or leave a link for your own hello monday post there!