Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we spent the day relaxing and being together–all three of us. We walked around Santa Barbara all day and in the evening we got cozy at home with some BBQ and The Martian on DVD. David has been having some pretty uncomfortable tummy pain and he is back and forth between smiles and tears. It’s heartbreaking.

How about some hellos for a new week?

hello valentine -01 Hello being stupid together–love means doing all kinds of things together–the exciting, boring, silly and stupid.

hello valentine -02 Hello green eyes magnified. I love those eyes.

hello valentine -03 Hello feeling very thankful for these three sweethearts.

hello valentine -04 Hello silliness and dancing to some mountain music.

hello valentine -05 Hello surprise valentine from Steve! So much better than chocolate {although I love chocolate–don’t get me wrong!!}

Hello day of school and work. Woohoo!

Hello grocery shopping and gathering some low carb smoothie ingredients. If you have any great smoothie recipes, let me know!

Hello sniffles. They’re going through our home¬†again. I am so over it!!

Hello date night this week. Yay!

Hello creating new earrings. I’ve been wanting to make some for a while.

Hello getting some photos printed. I want them to exist outside of my computer, you know?

Hello getting my phone fixed. I broke my screen, got a loaner phone–and dropped that one too and broke it. Ugh! The MacSuperstore rocks.

Hello big sale in the shop today! Take 20% off with code ‘hopeful’.¬†

Hello to you! This week holds beauty waiting to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?