what fills my heart?


“Actually, my heart is empty”, I thought. I slipped this cuff on my wrist last week and thought, “I shouldn’t wear this. I’m too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed.” I felt sad and blah. Some days are like that. Some weeks are like that. It’s real life–but it’s not the way I want to live my life.

Since then, I’ve been reflecting on what fills my heart.

Going for a walk and noticing the bright blue sky gives me perspective.

Cuddling on the couch with my boys nurtures my soul.

Holding hands as we walk down the street makes me smile.

Cleaning out closets and donating old clothes helps me breathe deeply.

A heartfelt chat with a dear friend brings clarity to my mind.

Praying with a humble heart quiets my fears.

Counting my blessings reminds me how truly grateful I am.

Instead of filling my days with things that drag me down, I want to focus on the most important things.

In a crazy contradiction, emptying my life of extra stuff fills me up.

Touch, time, kind words, rest, space to breathe & think, letting go–these are the things that fill my heart.

Looking at that list, it’s clear –I have everything I need for a full heart.

Today I’ll slip this cuff on as a reminder of what matters most.

What fills your heart?


  1. I lost my youngest son 2 weeks ago, my oldest 8 years ago. Although when they passed their ages were 37 and 38 they were my world. Now what? I’m lost and empty. Thanks for listening

  2. Beautifully said Lisa and your bracelet is a reminder to stop and be thankful. What fills my heart are my two handpicked daughters from my hubby’s first marriage and my homegrown son and daughter. No matter how I got them all four are my babies and my biggest blessings. My older girls are now grown and out of the house. When they come home for ‘Sunday dinners, advice, or just when they need some extra love I always tell them that my heart is full and my house in back to being a home now that all four of them are with me. Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful jewelry- I have quite a bit of it!

  3. You always inspire! Lisa, a while back I bought a necklce that had a round gold bead on it engraved with the word Brave. I don’t see it anymore and my dear friend who had it and lost it needs it again. It was on a long chain…any chance of this still in production?
    Thanks, Tracy

  4. Hi Lisa!
    I loved this post–I felt like this could’ve been me–totally. As a divorced mother of a teenager and a college kid, your post reflects so clearly some of the feelings and struggles I’ve dealt with, especially as a Christian woman. I’m also a psychologist but left private practice to pursue my writing endeavors. I’m hoping to start a blog and would love for you to be a contributor! I want to buy this cuff bracelet too! Thanks so much?
    Marisa Tomasic

  5. Thanks for this beautiful and timely reminder Lisa. I told my wonderful husband this week that I just felt sad. Couldn’t really pinpoint it. While there is nothing particularly wrong with that, it can’t be the place where I choose to dwell. My heart is full and I choose to dwell in joy. Thanks for sharing your heart. Xo

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