hello monday {old bicycle}

I’m waking up on my cousin’s {distant cousin but still} dairy farm in Kansas this morning! Craft weekend with Meg was amazing–it fed my soul! Today we are packing up, hitting a couple thrift stores and flying home. I can’t wait to squeeze my boys.

Chrissie and I explored Kansas City, Missouri and stumbled on an awesome vintage shop called Urban Mining. So many treasures–including this vintage bicycle. My favorite part is the red handlebars. So sweet.

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello wide open spaces, homemade breakfast and hot coffee. Farm life is awesome.

Hello time with my twin sister. She completes me 😉

Hello heavy suitcase. I maaay have done too much thrifting. Time to get creative so I can get all this stuff home!

Hello mother’s day deadline TODAY! Have you shopped for mom/sister/auntie/dear friend yet?!

Hello so much to share with you! Lots of pictures and vintage dresses and new designs. Yay!

Hello Great Gatsby. I CANNOT wait to see it. I foresee a date night this weekend!

Hello boys to cuddle.

Hello groceries to be bought and dinners to make.

Hello laundry to catch up on and emails to return.

Hello fresh start.

Hello Monday!


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I would love to have a jam packed suitcase from too much thrifting problem;) Cannot wait to see the Great Gatsby either, hopefully soon! I’m just catching up now because last week was a whirlwind for me because I got engaged:):)So that’s what I was saying hello too all week!

  2. Sad I didn’t know you were here in KC – not tht you’d have had time to meet your fans 🙂

  3. Crafting and thrifting are two of my favorite things. In fact, a friend and I are heading out tomorrow to explore a new thrift shop in a town the other side of the river.

  4. What a sweet bike!

    Hello, Monday! Hello, sunshine! Hello, warm air! Hello, getting released from jury duty because there were too many of us {dang!}! Hello to-do list: I am kicking your butt today! Hello, new book by Sophie Kinsella – I’m half-way done! Hello to Annabelle turning 8 this week! Hello, Jay Gatsby; we have a date.

  5. I love the new design of the blog! The photos look great!! Glad you had such a great time at Craft Weekend. I’m hoping to go once my littles aren’t as little.

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