We’re getting excited about fall around here! Matthias and I painted a wooden owl {found at the thrift store} and cut out some card stock bats to put here and there. Simple but fun. Are you ready for fall? Because it’s offically here! How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello bats fluttering around our home. I’m really glad you’re fake.

Hello wreath on the front door. So welcoming.

Hello maple leaves from the front yard. I placed them in water and they’ve lasted so well!

Hello yellow and red and brown and gold. I love fall colors.

Hello $2 owl found at the thrift store and made over. {More pics below}

Hello thrift store addict. I’ve found some good stuff lately. Can’t wait to share.

Hello pretty thrift store mirror that I just rediscovered in the garage. Love when that happens!

Hello driving home from LA. David had an appointment with his pulmonologist today–just a check up.

Hello Mr. Owl before his big makeover. You were cute. You were carved by someone talented. Now you’re even cuter!

Hello working on a project with Matthias. I love when he gets into stuff with me.

Hello spooky eyes. We debated if we should paint over them or not. And we decided to leave them.

Hello soup. I think it’s time to make some yummy vegetable soup–and I’m thinking I should make enough for lots of leftovers, too!

Hello to visiting the pumpkin patch. It’s the only thing missing. We need pumpkins!

Hello to a birthday this week. Steve is turning 39. Last year before he is an old man–so we better enjoy it, right?!

Hello brand new week. It’s gonna be crazy and fabulous and inspiring. I can already tell!