hello monday {around the house}

Hello friends-I’ve taken a few pics around our house to share with you on this brand new Monday morning!

Hello silly monkey who plays this song {and makes David laugh}

Hello super sniffly David, home from school today. Seems like this cold is making the rounds.

Hello happy pillow {two of my sisters have this same pillow–how funny is that?}

Hello trying to purge papers and artwork and notes.

Hello four–my favorite number {and, of course, it represents our little family}

Hello clean home–it was a productive weekend!

Hello flowers from a friend. i love fresh flowers!

Hello vintage xylophone–turned wall art. so fun.

Hello family rules {barn owl primitives}

Hello feeling spoiled after a long nap on Saturday. Such a treat!

Hello warm weather–it was 80* this weekend–what?!

Hello vintage painting obsession. this little floral piece is one of my faves {a gift from my sis}

Hello menu that is planned and groceries that have been bought. i always want to procrastinate and not do it on Sunday–but if we start off the week with a simple menu plan and groceries, everything goes much more smoothly!

this week it’s hello turkey burgers, BLT wraps and homemade enchilaadas.

Hello super special offer happening over here today.

Hello Monday!! it’s gonna be a great week–i just know it!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own Hello Monday post in the comments section, or just leave a comment with a few hellos!


  1. What a happy fun post (other than David home with the cold). I have the yellow flower pillow, too. It’s one of my favorite pillows in our home! Happy Monday!

  2. hello monday and not ready to begin my week…but only one more until spring break for me and the kiddos, so very excited and ready to get it started!

    saying hello to eating a little healthier and exercising a little bit more! summer is going to be here before i know it and i want to be able to enjoy my pool at its fullest potential! it was 88 in az today?! so crazy!?

    last hello goes out to your sah-weet deal today! you can bet i snagged one up…i have a thing for birds (but you know that from my instagram and your necklace that i posted during your giveaway). you will get me every time with those bad boys!!! thank you!!!

  3. Your house looks so ready for spring!

    This week I say hello to my new workout: samba dance rehearsals for an upcoming parade! Hello to decorating the house for St. Patty’s Day. Hello to reading lots of “Tale of Two Cities” and taking my kids to see Recess Monkey for the forty gazillionth time :).

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