hello to being with friends all weekend

hello 12 kids playing all day long and having a blast

hello warm sun and ocean water

hello cute 1950’s trailer {on loan from friends}

hello cozy beds and vintage quilts

hello snuggling with my boys in one big bed

hello chasing david all weekend long

hello exploring and touching everything and seeing the world in a new way

hello little boys with big ideas

hello eating delicious food {why does camp food taste so amazing?!}

hello starting the day with french toast and ending with roasted marshmallows

hello fresh berries and crispy bacon

hello adults around the campfire while the kids sleep in their sleeping bags

hello laughing and laughing and laughing some more

hello making memories that we’ll remember forever!

we just returned from our first camping trip and we had so much fun! i’m busy with laundry and unpacking and editing lots of fun photos. it’s time to jump into a new week. what are you saying hello to today?