December is here! Hello! With the business, we are preparing for this season all year long. In fact, we are already preparing for NEXT Christmas. Crazy, right?! So now that December is finally here it feels a bit surreal. I want to slow down and soak it all up.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello smiles. David loves it when his dad sings to him. Big smiles.

Hello open doors. The weather has been lovely, so we’ve been opening our French doors and enjoying breakfast with lots of fresh air. Just one small problem–flies. inevitably a few find their way into the house and drive us nuts later in the day.

Hello white tree. The boys are trying to talk me into taking down the white tree and replacing it with a real tree. I really love our white tree though!

Hello lights around the kitchen window. This has got to be the easiest decor in the world–but it makes me so happy.

Hello brothers. It melts my heart to see them together. I see Matthias being more in tune with David lately.

Hello week of worry. I’ve have felt so out of sorts this week–overwhelmed and exhausted. I feel like I can’t pull it together.

Hello preparing for family to visit this Christmas. We can’t wait!

Hello reading this book and loving it.

Hello Christmas shopping. I think I’m about 2/3 done. How about you?

Hello family pics this week. Preparing for a photo shoot is always a bit stressful. The best thing is to relax about it, right?

Hello brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?