a sweet valentine’s breakfast

I planned a fun Valentine’s breakfast for my sweethearts. We had to celebrate a little early because I’ll be in the Dominican Republic on Valentine’s day. I took lots of pics for you–plus our favorite {heart-shaped} pancake recipe is below. Yum!

I kept the table super simple but fun. I used things we already had around the house–but it feels special.

Real dishes, placemats and fresh flowers is fancy for us! We should do this more often, though. It’s so fun and hardly any extra work!

I taped construction paper hearts to twine and hung them from the ceiling.

I keep paper straws on hand and they always add whimsy to the table.

Homemade, high protein pancakes are a staple for us. We probably have them at least three times a week. Here’s the recipe:

For each person, you’ll need…
2 eggs, 1/2C whole oats, 1/4C cottage cheese, dash of cinnamon, 1/2t vanilla
Put all ingredients in blender and blend at high speed until smooth. Add a little milk to thin, if necessary.

For heart-shaped pancakes, Take about 1/3 of the batter, thin with milk and put into a squeeze bottle. I found this one in the cake decorating section at Michaels.

Squeeze and outline of a heart onto hot pan.

Fill in with batter. Add chocolate chips, if necessary. And it’s always necessary.

And you end up with a heart-shaped pancake. I’ve gotten better at these as I’ve practiced a bit. So fun!

A cake topper from our shop is so cute on a stack of pancakes!

And of course, exchanging hand-written valentine’s makes it that much sweeter!

Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day this year?


  1. Just made these pancakes for my kids. They loooooooved them. Nice and chewy, not sweet at all which let’s us add all the more maple syrup!

  2. This all looks so special! Nice to “take the time.” Yes, I agree, thank you for a glimps into your special day with your family, always very inspiring❤️ Rebecca. “Happy Valentines” y’all !

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