rebecca’s story {winners!}

Still wondering what happened with Rebecca? If you didn’t check the blog on Wednesday, I posted a story about my thrifted vintage black dress. We asked you to give “Rebecca’s” story an ending and I was amazed by the responses– from heartwarming to hilarious to just plain crazy! It was so hard to choose a winner—because all the ending were fabulous. I picked two, scroll down to read the two endings I chose.

Here’s the story I imagined about this black thrifted dress I found last week…

The dress belonged to a girl named Rebecca in the 1980′s. Rebecca had long, wavy brown hair and a smile that made a room light up. Her college sorority was hosting a spring dance and Justin, her boyfriend of two months was planning to take her. The week of the dance, she got her bangs trimmed and her nails painted. She found black shoes and a sweet necklace to complete her outfit. Everything was coming together! The dress was perfect, how could the evening be anything but perfect?

The day quickly arrived. The night sky was clear and the stars twinkled like diamonds. Rebecca dabbed a bit of lip gloss across her mouth and let one more mist of white rain hairspray fall lightly on her feathered bangs. Just as she slipped into her new heels, the doorbell rang.

As they climbed into his Ford pick-up to make the short drive over to the dance, Rebecca noticed that Justin seemed quiet. He easily pulled the truck into a parking spot and made his way over to her side of the car to open her door. Rebecca couldn’t put her finger on it, but something strange was in the air. Was Justin acting different or was she being crazy? As they walked into the dance, he put his arm around her and gave her a reassuring squeeze. The dark room was  lit only by small twinkling lights. The DJ was playing a slow song and everyone was swaying to the music. And then it happened…

* * *

1st ending by C. Beth {congratulations!!}:

Rebecca gazed into Justin’s eyes. Not for the first time, she noticed the strange depth they seemed to have, and the way their hue shifted slightly from one moment to the next.

“Your eyes,” she said. “I just love them. They are so unique.”

Justin’s mouth curved up in a strange little smile. “There’s a reason for that,” he whispered. And then his eyes began to shift into ever-stranger colors…from turquoise to pale yellow to shocking pink to iridescent purple.

At first, Rebecca was too shocked to do anything. Her feet stopped moving to the music, and she just stared. Finally, a word croaked out of her mouth. “What…?”

“Becky,” Justin said, “aliens are real.” He let go of her, and his body slowly shifted. An extra arm sprouted out of his chest. His clothes changed into scales. Within a minute, Justin’s hair had been replaced by tentacles, and his eyes had settled on a muted green. The strange thing was, no one else at the dance seemed to notice, looking right past the couple.

Rebecca did the only thing that made sense. She screamed (a B-grade horror movie-worthy scream, I might add) and sprinted toward the exit, her lovely black dress swishing with each step.

“Becky!” Justin cried in a strange, bellowing voice. “Please come back! I may not be the man of your dreams, but I can be the extraterrestrial of your dreams! BECKYYYY!”

But Rebecca was gone. As soon as she got home, she ripped the dress off, replacing it with a short and T-shirt. She took off her shoes and pantyhose, and threw the whole outfit in a trash bag. She drove to Goodwill, dropped the bag by the front door, and raced back home.

“I would have given him another chance,” Rebecca muttered as she fell into bed, “but if I told him once, I told him a million times–don’t call me ‘Becky’!”

* * *

2nd ending by Angie {congratulations!!}:

And then it happened…

Justin quietly asked Rebecca to walk outside with him. “Is everything alright?”, Rebecca asked quietly. “I got a call today…I’ve been accepted into that overseas program that I applied for before we met…they are really excited about the ‘great addition’ I will make to the group already there…I am supposed to leave by the end of next week…” Jusin trailed off. “You have to go,” Rebecca mumbled with tears started to roll down her cheeks. “I think I love you…,” Justin blurted out. Rebecca was so caught off guard by her own emotions. They had only been dating for 2 months. She blurted out, “I love you too!”

2 long years later. Countless phone calls. Long letters back and forth. Tears cried. Feelings hurt.

Rebecca and Justin married in the early summer of 1985. And that beautiful dress still hung in her closet and was taken to the thrift store when Rebecca realized she was starting to show with their first sweet baby.

* * *

Aren’t those endings awesome?! C. Beth & Angie are each receiving $50 to my shop! Hooray! Thanks everyone for playing along and using your imaginations. It was so fun!



  1. Wow! Thank you very much!…I love that alien one :)…and yes, sweet Lisa, that story has bits of my husband and I’s story in it…it was a long, bumpy road, that God weaved…so thankful.

  2. I loved the Alien one, mainly because I also hate to be called Becky! I cringed when he called her that! lol

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