I’ve started making more food for David–and he totally loves it! David is almost ten years old {gasp!} but since he has CdLS he eats only blended foods. He had a g-tube the first year of his life, and we are so thankful he eats by mouth now.

I don’t make all of David’s meals. I still supplement with store bought baby food and applesauce. He also loves soy yogurt and soy pudding. It’s easy to see that he prefers homemade. It has so much more flavor!
This week, one of the things I prepared was oatmeal with fresh berries and cinnamon. He gobbled it up!

I warmed the oats in the microwave with soy mild {David is lactose intolerant}.

Once the oats were soft I put them in the blender with a bit more soy milk, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, a bit of vanilla, a dash of salt and cinnamon. Then I blended it until it was smooth.

I divided the oatmeal with berries into six small containers and kept them in the fridge for the week. I warmed it in the microwave for 30 seconds and served it slightly warm. I tried this dish and it tasted like berry cobbler. Delicious!

Do you make your own baby food? I’d love to hear ideas for more baby {or blended} food dishes.