hello wide open fields and playground with a beautiful church in the background

hello uncle lee {who has been willing to wrestle and rough and tumble with matthias day after day}

hello running and red cheeks and out of breath

hello lots of time with cousins

hello playing and laughing {and maybe a little fussing}

hello new bonds that have been made and will last a lifetime

hello taking an afternoon to not sight-see but sit around and sip coffee

hello lazy day

hello much needed break

hello david–exploring and doing new things every day

hello sweet smile that melts my heart

hello to being flexible in a different country {david has been a champ!}

hello to taking lots and lots of pictures

and editing lots and lots of pictures

and wanting to remember these sweet days

hello to our last full day in england

hello to packing up and getting ready to go

hello to missing home but feeling so sad to go!

what are you saying hello to on this sweet monday morning?