one of the top places we wanted to visit was oxford. steve is interested in the university and there is a lot of history there. oh, and there is a lot of shopping too!

there were so many beautiful buildings and sculptures i could hardly choose what pictures to take!

i used a fisheye lens for the pic on the left.

for the kids, every adventure involved running around and playing. and every adventure usually involved a visit to a sweetie shop.

we ate lunch at the eagle and the child where cs lewis and his friends {some other amazing writers} would gather to chat about their books and drink beer.

hmmm, pouring over the menu and deciding what the best choice was. i ended up with a plate of bangers and mash–and it was delicious!

the pub was really well done. and it was so funny, because the people at the table next to us were from santa barbara–which is about 1.5 hours from our home. crazy!

we loved oxford–now steve is dreaming of working on a PhD at oxford. who knows–maybe we’ll end up in england for a couple years some day?!