We’ve had such a relaxing time with family in Omaha. We’ve done a good amount of lying around, watching movies, playing video games and eating delicious food. We also made it out to the Omaha zoo–which was fabulous!

hello trees ready to bud {you’re going to have to wait a few months}

hello brothers checking out the turtles

hello family and cousins that are getting so old {the oldest even babysits!}

hello sunny skies and no snow in the forecast. but we did find a snowy patch of ground and had fun!

hello shadows holding hands

hello lazy leopard. we’ve been lazy just like you.

hello christmas morning with lots of gifts and a wrapping paper explosion

hello monday! i’ve completely lost track of time since we are away–but i’m pretty sure it’s the beginning of a new week! and almost the beginning of a new year.

what are you saying hello to today? link up in the comments section and let us know!