first of all, just a few pretty flowers

that have crossed my path lately.

or maybe i crossed their path.

but either way, we met, they were lovely,

and i snapped a picture.

don’t those leaves above look like little hearts?




the randomly chosen winners for the through my lens necklaces are

chevelle sopkins and  brandy b. congrats ladies!

i’m so glad you guys love the new necklace as much as i do!!

if you didn’t win, use code camera10 for 10% off your order (valid thru 9/30/10).

find the new through my lens necklace here.




this picture of david came home from school last week.

and both steve and i were cracking up.

i mean, HOW did they get him to sit on that pony

with a HAT and bandana?

and he looks just slightly annoyed.

but overall, it’s just so dang cute, i can’t stop looking at it.

* * *

we are off to meet with david’s heart surgeon at UCLA today.

we’ll talk about the procedure and recovery

and then set a date to take care of those two little holes in his heart.

praying i don’t turn into a pile of mush at the doctors office.

hope your tuesday is productive and happy!!