The surgeon just came down and talked to us. Everything went great. I am so relieved!! We’ve got some tough days of healing ahead, but we are over the biggest hurdle. Thank you for all your sweet words and prayers. We have felt so loved and you are a blessing!!

* * *



david was cleared for surgery at ucla yesterday

we checked into our hotel right near the hospital

and grabbed some dinner at the hotel restaurant.




david spent some serious time jamming on his guitar before bedtime.

look at that face. he is so serious about his music!




the balcony of our room overlooks the freeway.

it’s pretty fun to watch the city from up here.

and it makes me glad i’m not sitting in LA traffic.




david enjoyed the balcony and watching the cars go by.




we arrive at ucla at 4:45 am to get prepped for surgery.


thank you for all your prayers, emails and comments.

i’ll do my best to update the blog and twitter when i get a chance.

{love + hugs!!}