what i wore wednesday


i planned a couple posts before we left town for david’s surgery

{so no, i’m not standing outside the hospital modeling, ha!!}

i’m in the world of scrubs and who cares what i’m wearing!!

but since it’s ready, i’ll post. enjoy. xxoo


i’m linking up with lindsey for what i wore wednesday.




super comfy outfit. we took family pic for our christmas card this day.

can’t wait to see how they turned out!!

jeans, gap

tulle dress, target

boots, jessica simpson

you are beautiful necklace {24″ chain}

the other necklace, i made a couple years ago.




this was a fun outfit for a rainy day.

dress, sundance

jean jacket, gap

gray tights, tj maxx

cream knee-high socks, target

boots, vintage



gray dress, dark green sweater, target

jeans, gap

boots, vintage

necklace, LLD

* * *

i don’t have a ton of time getting ready in the morning

but i do like to blow-dry my hair and put on some lipstick.

what is your top get-ready-to-walk-out-the-door thing??


  1. Hi there. I just found your blog…what a delight!I have a couple of Q’s for you: is your naturally curly? Mine is, and I was wondering what kind of product you use? I never blow-dry my hair, so I was surprised to see your comment that you do. Also, it seems as though you have a nice collection of cardis, how do you store them? I’ve tried folding mine and stacking them on a shelf, or folding them, and then hanging them like pants on a hanger…just wondering what your method is. Your style is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I have to tell you, Lisa. Everything you wear looks so good on you. I love your style. The last thing I do to get ready to go out the door, is make sure I have my badge for work – otherwise, I won’t be able to get to my office without a lot of security sign-in procedures. I don’t wear make-up, not even lipstick, but I’m beginning to think at least some gloss would be good.

  3. i LOVE the socks with tights and boots. OH. MY. so cute. i promptly went to target yesterday to search out some socks like that but couldn’t find any. i’m on an all out search now. i love your style!

  4. well, just ditto everyone who loves your style! looks so great on you! still can’t believe you’re getting getting these cute things at Target? ! 🙂
    and how do you actually blow dry your curly hair?
    the one thing I usually make sure to do if I’m going out of the house is my makeup b/c I just feel so much better when I do since my complexion is not very nice. and lip balm which I can’t live without in my dry climate.

  5. I totally love your style, I wish I could wear all that you do! I live in the south and it was 90 degrees and humid today so I am still wearing summer clothes. You have inspired me to buy some boots! and I ordered one of your necklaces. Many prayers to get well/home soon!

  6. So happy to hear you are all doing well! I will continue to uplift your family (especially David) in prayer as well as continual good news….
    My routine is pretty simple….I wear a tinted sunscreen year round (I have red hair, and my skin is pasty), a little mascara, some lipstick, and I let my hair air dry curly. I tell my husband that if my makeup takes more than 3 1/2 minutes (or the length of one song on the radio) then I did too much!
    Take care….

  7. Glad to get the latest update on dear David. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. I’m so glad you did WIWW despite having much bigger concerns right now. I’ve found it to be a really good distraction when I’ve been going through something challenging. You look super cute, as always! Still praying for David.

  8. Mascara!!!!!!!

    I finally got not one, but TWO pairs of skinny jeans during the last week! Sooo cute underneath dresses at my teaching gig. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love your dresses! So girlie.

    You do always look so great. Of course you accessorize well, too, that helps, right?

    My get ready fast tip is mascara and under-eye cover up. I’ve always had bags under my eyes (just some days are more prevalent than others). I also straighten my hair (since I got it cut) the night before so I can sleep on it and it still looks pretty good.

  10. So glad that everything is going well with David. You and your family are in the hearts of some many people.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you for his continued recovery!

  11. Lisa, you always look amazing!
    I LOVE those dresses from Target, although they probably don’t have them in store here in Australia.
    You have inspired me to try that look of a dress over jeans, as it always looks so great on you.
    Thinking of you and David. You inspire me with your sense of style, but even more so with your positive attitude to life!
    I like to straighten my hair and add a bit of eye makeup if I have time. 🙂

  12. you always look so cute.

    i know you have much bigger things to worry about right now, but some day some time can you do a post about your hair? you blow dry it? i have curly hair and if i blow dry it, i have to go straight. if i want to go curly i have to let it air dry. i clearly need curly hair tips.

  13. I wish I could wear dresses with jeans, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it would work only being 5′ tall. How tall are you? I love your Christmas card pic outfit!

    Happy Day!

  14. I so love your style! I never done the dresses over jeans but you make it look adorable! Seriously gonna have to start trying it myself! : )

    Continued prayers for David as well! <3

  15. I have to say you have great style. I feel so Frumby even when I am getting dressed up.
    But you are helping want to try a new style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Love the dress in the first picture (love them all – all of your outfits are adorable) is the first one new at Target? Haven’t seen it in the stores in Florida!
    Best wishes for you and your family!

  17. I agree, you have such a great style! You look terrific! Can you come be my personal shopper?!? I love the Gap jeans. Which style are they? I’d love to try some. Glad to hear the surgery was successful and now praying for smooth recovery.

  18. love your outfits!! I wish I could wear dresses with jeans…my body type unfortunately doesn’t allow it 🙁
    HMMM….my go to is eye makeup for work…weekends, just brushed hair 🙂

  19. i agree you are ardoable and the two dresses from Target – WOW so cute!!

    hope the rest of the week goes smoothly – so glad the surgery is behind you!! I am continuing to prayer for a perfect healing for David!


  20. Getting ready and waliking out the door for me includes a colorful scarf/pashmina, lip gloss (pink) and curling my lashes and applying mascara!

  21. Well , first off praise the Lord for his blessing for David and your family !!
    My day starts at 5:30 am , I go straight to wash face and put on makeup .. I love being a girl , hair fixed and make-up always a must … since I work in scrubs not much fun after that as far as clothes go… Love the dress with jeans thing wish I could pull that off .. You are a delight , thanks for sharing your “wiww” with us .. you are quite the dresser,,, be blessed …

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