finding my happy place {playing at beach}

this week’s video answers the question, ‘where is your happy place’.
i gave it a lot of thought and the three things that make me happiest are
1. my boys  2. the beach and 3. creating something beautiful.

david and i went to the beach and played and the weather was so gorgeous i wanted to stay all day. here’s a little video of our time together. i think it turned out so lovely, i hope you’ll take a moment to watch it!
{music by nickel creek, ‘out of the woods’}

where’s your happy place?


  1. Hes adorable, i love viewing your posts on facebook. God gave you such a precious little angel makes me smile when i see him. Id have to say my happy plce is at the beach when its dark, to see the stars and moon and listen to the waves, that or just being and singing to my little ones <3 gods with you and your angel

  2. I just cried watching this…I miss you guys so much!

    When I become a mom someday, I pray I’ll be much like you, sweet pictures and videos to document the precious little things God blesses us with each day… =)

  3. Lisa… how sweet! What a beautiful way to capture a perfect day at the beach with sweet David.
    My happy place is being cuddled on the couch with my 8 month old son watching him sleep in my arms.

  4. My happy place is my parent’s backyard (formerly my grandparents) in Los Osos. Coming home means sitting in the backyard, bbq’ing and watching the butterflies float around on eucalyptus scented air.

  5. That was beautiful Lisa. I’m so happy to see that David is feeling better and that you were able to enjoy the ocean together. (That is one of my favorite Nickel Creek songs.)

  6. Beautiful! Again, I’m living thru you and my happy place involves water. Hubby and I are taking off for a vacation to Aruba next Monday. I’ll be in my happy place for a week! 🙂 I’m also very very happy while running and eating dinner with my husband and three kids!

  7. Wow, Lisa! What a beautiful and poignant video! I loved watching it, thank you for sharing! My eyes welled up with tears just watching you and your precious boy together…spending time and making memories together! And the music! You are so creative…I just love your blog and your jewelry and your photos…so inspiring! I’m on the brink of a big life change – leaving my job of 14 years to be a SAHM to my 2 yr. old son. Watching your video just touched me so much…I know being at home with my boy is the most important job for me to pursue right now…I cannot wait to spend my days with my son…I see a lot more days like you and David had in the video in my future…can’t wait!! 🙂 God Bless you and your precious family!

  8. oh my, super sweet !! what a beautiful moment you captured – THANK you for sharing that with us.


  9. I love David running his hand through the sand – so sweet <3 And I love Nickel Creek! This definitely put a smile on my face today – thank you!

  10. my happy place- when I am sitting in the same room or being together with my husband and daughter. I stop and thank my God that we are healthy and a family xo

  11. Just beutifull ,,I Love your blog,,living in Northern michigan,,your beach looks like a very happy place ! A wonderfull day with your son caught on video,,I like the music too never heard it !!

  12. i think i saw a heart in the clouds. what a beautiful video of you two. a treasure for sure. what do you use to film these little clips?
    (i love nickel creek too.)

  13. looks like david is feeling better… what a loving memory of your day together at the beach. the part where you were carrying him (in the shadow) was especially sweet. curious? i hope you don’t mind me asking – is david also visually impaired? my daughter is, so was just curious about his range of vision.

  14. The very best moment of the video was when you reached down and straightened David’s shirt.

    How many times have mothers done that exact motion in an act of caring for their child? Innumerable, I believe.

    So sweet to see it on film as part of your day together.

  15. I love love love the video! my happy place right now is home with my girls. i work full time and it has become more evident than ever that we do not have enough time at home together. snuggling on the couch or cooking in the kitchen are our loves right now…

  16. Oh my goodness did that ever choke me up. You and David are so beautiful. What a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful mom.

  17. my happy place is your video! thanks for reminding me that the beach exists. i’ll probably watch it when we get the snow that’s forecasted for tomorrow night… 🙂

  18. Loved the video and song! Beautiful! Put a big smile on my face on this snowy day! I love the beach but never get to go since there is not one close by. I feel so at peace at the beach. My happy place is with my boys!!!

  19. Such a tender video, Lisa. It made me a little teary. You inspire me to try new things! I need to take more video of my family instead of pictures all the time and make fun movies.
    My happy place is any chair, anywhere, as long as it’s comfy, in the sunshine, and has something fab to read sitting on it. Today it was “Real Simple.” 🙂

  20. Hi Lisa, tried to watch your video but because of our internet provider probs, just couldn’t! Sob!

    My happy place is a) by a river; b) remembering every precious moment my Dad and I spent together; c) anywhere doing anything in my garden!


  21. Beautiful Video 🙂 You are a wonderful mother Lisa!!! The song was perfect for the video! My happy place is also the beach….it’s soooo peaceful and I feel I have no worries there <3

  22. Love your happy place and how you shared it with us! That song was on a cd that I played a lot when my son was a baby….always before bedtime. Love the memories it brought back. Thank you for the video….beautiful!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing that most beautiful video…it was pure joy to watch. My special place is our small cottage on the shore of Lake Superior where all things seem possible. Lisa, could you please tell me who was singing the lovely song that accompanied your video…thanks

  24. Hi Lisa
    I’m not sure if this is the right spot to ask this question. I’m looking for a custom handstamped necklace that has the Chinese Character for mom and then my three kids names on it. I love your work and am hoping that this is possible. We adopted a sweet little one from China and can not find anything out there like this.

  25. I think I asked that question! HUGE crocodile tears welled up while watching. That was so pure and innocent.
    My happy place right now is thinking about the 4 children I have and how they look at me with such trusting loving eyes. Not really knowing or even caring about my imperfections and faults.

  26. So, so beautiful. I am just a little bit more than jealous of the sunshine in your video… send some to the mid-west please! Also, what do you use to edit your videos? I love them!

  27. I can’t remember the last time anything affected me as much as this precious video. I’m going to take a long shower and have a good cry as a result — and I’ll do a little praying when I’m in there too! Prayers for David and gratitude for the beauty you have brought to the world, Lisa.

  28. Beautiful memories to capture. and I love that you get your face infront of the camera. I need to remember to do that!
    What kind of camera did you use to take the video? And software to edit it?

  29. So beautiful Lisa! My happiest place is anywhere my husband is…he is my rock, the love of my life, I thank God for him everyday. My grown kids make my heart sing, sometimes they bring tears, but that’s life; and I could not live without the beach/ocean. Until I walk on the sand and hear the waves crashing and smell the salt air, I don’t think I really breathe. I get to Pismo and Avila beach whenever I can and just walk and walk. My mind is free, my lungs open up and I am alive again!

  30. Mmmm…thanks for sharing your happy place. It makes me pretty happy too.

    I’ve been thinking lately – what is my happy place? Since we recently moved, I’m looking to discover a new one. I think that’s part of why I started blogging, to create a virtual, happy place while I look for new ones.

    Meanwhile, thanks for letting us enjoy yours.

  31. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I grew up in a house overlooking the Indian Ocean and miss it so much. I now have Lake Michigan ten minutes from my house and that is a wonderful gift, but I miss the sea!

  32. Were you at Montana de Oro? I love the cave off to the right of the beach and the tide pools… The sound of the waves there is so soothing.
    My happy place is Pismo, but that is very far from CO! Thanks for the video!

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your beach video! The timing is perfect. We lived on the Central Coast for 6 years and I am missing it, especially the beach, so much today when we are stuck inside with below zero temps and blowing snow =)

  34. Lisa, sweet video. I am so glad that you had some happy time with your beautiful boy. I live near the beach on the east coast and there is nothing like beach time, no matter the season. Thanks for inspiring me every day.

  35. Guess what? My happy place was your video today, as I LOVE THE OCEAN, and that was so very sweet. I really like that song also. Thanks, Lisa, that is a great way to start my day and is going in my 1000 Gifts list,, #64.

    karen 🙂

  36. i love sitting in my mom’s screened in porch. she’s been gone over 8 years, but being in that room, looking over the lake brings her right back to me.

  37. how precious!! as a mom-behind-the-camera myself, truly treasure that clip with you & David on the blanket.

    my happy place is with my boys @ THE BEACH!! 🙂

  38. That was beautiful and the song…forget about it…brought tears to my eyes. thanks for the beauty…now I will be off to the beach in sunny southern calif. shortly.

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