it seems that once david turned eight

he decided to try a bunch of new things

and to assert his independence.

we have been watching him, wide-eyed with wonder

while he explores his world in new ways

and communicates more and more.

within the last couple weeks he has…

decided he likes drinking out of regular cups better than straw cups (messy)

he is going to decide his own bedtime (tiring!)

he wants to check out what food is in the pantry (and throw it all over the kitchen)

if he wants a snuggle he’ll just start to climb up on your lap (melt my heart)

and he’s decided tofutti cuties from trader joe’s make the best snack!

* * *

david, you have exceeded our expectations with your sweet personality and determined spirit,

but more than that you bring so much joy to every day.

and i love you!