we are in the middle of packing craziness around here.

for a while it was just a few boxes to step around,

now i pour myself a bowl of cereal and then remember i already packed the spoons.

we are so excited to settle into a new home

but i feel sentimental about leaving this sweet house (where we’ve been for 5 years).

we have all of our little family routines, favorite places to hang out

and memories that have been nurtured here.



i found these vintage sign letters on etsy.

some (or all) may end up getting a coat of spray paint.

i wonder where they’ll end up?




this absolutely stunning field of orange flowers in currently part of our daily drive

but, in a week, we won’t be seeing it nearly as often.

we have a 10 mile, rural drive every morning past farms and fields-

which i both love and hate.



one thing that hasn’t been changing is my shoes.

i’ve worn (and blogged about) these red shoes for the last three days.

super comfy, only $20 and a splash of color that makes me happy.

* * *

do you have any change happening in your life? do tell!