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change is a good thing {right?}

June 16th | family


we are in the middle of packing craziness around here.

for a while it was just a few boxes to step around,

now i pour myself a bowl of cereal and then remember i already packed the spoons.

we are so excited to settle into a new home

but i feel sentimental about leaving this sweet house (where we’ve been for 5 years).

we have all of our little family routines, favorite places to hang out

and memories that have been nurtured here.



i found these vintage sign letters on etsy.

some (or all) may end up getting a coat of spray paint.

i wonder where they’ll end up?




this absolutely stunning field of orange flowers in currently part of our daily drive

but, in a week, we won’t be seeing it nearly as often.

we have a 10 mile, rural drive every morning past farms and fields-

which i both love and hate.



one thing that hasn’t been changing is my shoes.

i’ve worn (and blogged about) these red shoes for the last three days.

super comfy, only $20 and a splash of color that makes me happy.

* * *

do you have any change happening in your life? do tell!

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  1. there’s always something going on 😉
    I’m working on me, changing me and some of my habits.

    Love the shoes. ADORE the LOVE

    xoox good luck and God Bless xo

  2. Nancy says:

    Just this morning a dear friend invited the kids and I to come to Montreal to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show and to spend a couple of days at their place out in country. It’s a good, spirit renewing, friendship rekindling, mini adventure kind of change. Nothing as big and fundamental as your big move though. I too would miss seeing the fields and countryside, especially if they were as beautiful as that one.

    I know what you mean about finding a great pair of shoes that put a smile on your face every time you put them on. This year I bought a pair of magenta flats, but I still love last years green floral flats that are wearing out. Even the pattern on the sole was beautiful and they would leave beautiful swirly patterns in the sand.

  3. October says:

    Yes…I am anxiously awaiting to hear if I got the art position I applied for (elementary). I would be leaving a job that I love…but I would be at the same school as my girls AND I would finally get my summers back again! Plus…I miss teaching art. All of this will happen over the next 2 weeks, but I leave tomorrow for a trip to Montana to visit a couple uncles of mine that I have not seen in YEARS.

  4. lauren says:

    we will be moving this month as well. we are to be in our new place by the 1st. it is a bit overwhelming, isn’t it!? wishing you an easy move <3

  5. after moving just a little under a year ago, we are finally getting ready to landscape our backyard! i can’t wait – it has been a long time coming, but worth the wait, as it is going to feel like a mini resort back there! i don’t think i am ever going to want to leave my backyard!

    congratulations on the move!

    ps – LOVE the red shoes!

  6. paige says:

    i';m such a creature of habit
    my 17 year old told me that my & hubby and i are ‘sorta boring’ with our eat out rituals vs taking the cash & “doing something fun”
    oh my
    out of the mouthes of babes huh?

    there are plenty of days where, despite loving my routine here, i’d love to move
    somewhere sorta rural
    but not too far from all the intown luxuries i love too

    wishing you many more new dreams & memories in your new home

  7. Desiree says:

    change is constant. last night i donated my hair to locks of love and it is a really big change. i blogged about it if you want to take a peak – not so sure about it yet, but i think it may grow on me.

  8. Charla says:

    Today is a very special day, my “baby” is 16!!! Oh how I love my boys (my other son turns 20 next month) they are the loves of my life!
    We just got back from family reunion in New Orleans on Sunday and guess what was in the mail on Monday….my “Faith, Hope, Amore” necklace! What a sweet beginning to the end of our vacation.
    Love, love all your photos…wish I had your eye for such simple, beautiful things.
    Love the red shoes, and wish you best of luck in your move.

  9. Susan says:

    Change happens all the time – we’re in constant change at our house right now – adjusting to summer schedules, preparing for vacation, learning to live without a beloved relative that died suddenly in the spring, and my husband losing his job of 26 years.

    Faith pulls us through the good times and crazy times. I have faith that we’ll end up on our feet at the end of all this.

    Love the shoes! Best of luck on your move!

  10. Dina says:

    where did you find the letters? through what etsy seller? I’ve been looking for similar ones for a bedroom makeover with no luck! help…??

  11. Karyn says:

    A big change in our family…a new niece born yesterday. Summer Nicole. She is precious and beautiful!

  12. Jo Jo says:

    I’m starting a new job on Monday…. BIG change, but I think it will be good. God is in control :)

  13. Love love those red shoes. Beautiful drive, you are blessed with beauty two times a day!

  14. Shell says:

    Okay, LOVE your blog! Found it on Remodelaholic. Gorgeous pics, family, and jewelry!

  15. Becky K says:

    I’m with you! Change is always hard for me, even when it’s for something very, very good. I’m getting ready for a big life change…my second baby boy, due in less than 6 weeks! While I can’t wait to meet this new little miracle God has blessed us with, I am also a little anxious about how I will handle a newborn and a toddler. I know our new bundle will add untold joy to our lives, just like our first son has. But still I am mourning a bit the fact that my 18 month old will no longer have our undivided attention. So I’m trying to savor the sweet moments of these last few weeks before deilvery and trust God that he will give me the strength I need! :)

  16. Bird says:

    Oh Lisa I LOVE them as is! :)

    I’ve sent you an email..did you get it?

    Bird 😉

  17. valerie says:

    change is a part of life…sometimes these changes are good sometimes they are not so good…but hopefully most are postiive….and lead you to positive even if they do not seem so postive at the time……all the best in your move. You will make another “home” for your family. Today I can only think about the change my friend is expereincing…she suffered a tragic loss of one of her children a few days ago. He life is changed forever. That is one change that I find it hard to see positive in…I am trying though. hugs to you and your family on your moving adventure.

  18. mel says:

    Lots of change going on for me! We just moved a month ago! Even though we only moved a mile, it is still a big change! We lived in our last house for 5.5 years & made so many memories there. I blogged about it here:
    Another change is we are getting a new principal at my school (I am a teacher), also I changed the name of my etsy shop/photography business and my younger sister is about to get engaged! I am also not a fan of change, but I know change is necessary in life and change is good!
    Praying for you during your move, I know how stressful it can be!

  19. Corinne says:

    Moving is such a bittersweet event :) Emotional, to say the least!
    Love the shoes!

  20. Kristi F says:

    Life is about change almost every day – just some little thing always seems to be causing change. I got a new car yesterday – a good change for sure (except for those pesky car payments).

  21. naomi chokr says:

    i love love love those shoes! i will have to hop on over to target right now and get them.

    Change…wow! lots of things change lately in my life. I recently chose to become a vegan. I wanted to do this for myself, my health and i truly believe that i can’t participate in how the animals are being treated.

    I’ve been doing this since march and so far so good! i love it and i love how much it has changed the way i eat, choose food that i place in my body and how much it has changed my health.

  22. Danielle Eaton says:

    My husband and I are packing and moving as well; ours isn’t into a fun new home though; this move was due to desperation. We were in a bad working environment and are moving from Vermont to Illinois. We leave this weekend. Well back to packing….I’m hoping this change will be a good one and be the beginning of positive changes….

  23. Laura T says:

    I’m getting married in 2 days!!!

  24. Megan Boragine says:

    yay for your move to slo! :) i so remember the love/hate relationship with lovr. ugh. :) and i remember that weird feeling of being excited and sad as things got packed and then rushed out the door on moving day. eli wrote me a sad note about how much he missed the los osos house. moving can be such a roller coaster ride for everyone. our changes are… eli graduating on friday…! and all his buddies! then a busy summer for him. then mbi in the fall. get ready chicago! because ready or not he’s coming to you! speaking of graduating – family is coming – i need to get cleaning! ha! love you xoxoxo

  25. Betsy says:

    My daughter will be starting high school in August. Change has already begun!

  26. Tanya says:

    I am such a creature of habit that I am really trying to embrace change but it certainly is something that I need to work on. New job when I go back to work after my 1 year maternity is up in January. Love the shoes – they make me smile.

  27. kristin says:

    Lisa ~ Your blog and photo’s are the Best!
    Happy Summer!

  28. Oh yes, Big Change! After 11 years of having 4 daughters in college, usually 2 at a time, our youngest has graduated. Our 3rd graduated in December – All from the same University. We are done with that kind of expense – for now – That’s huge and good and bittersweet. I wrote about it in my May 24th and May 12th post. We’re entering a whole different phase of life – no children in school. Different, very different.

  29. Change can be unsettling and emotional as we make our way through it but often leads to bigger and better things.

  30. Kelli says:

    I am getting ready for summer vacation! I am a high school teacher of 9th grade English, sr. world mythology and sr. film studies….I am so tired of grading and all the last minute “can-I-turn-this-in-for-credit-still??” So ready for free evenings to tickle my girls, watch a movie with my husband (also a teacher), read a book, and FINISH UNPACKING!! We just moved last month. Whew. I hear you, Lisa! Deep breaths!

  31. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, yes there is change a-foot but only a short term one. My hubby is travelling for a month from next week, leaving me here in the middle of winter to carry on life here on our 5 acres. I’ll miss his smile, his silly sense of humour, his cups of tea in the morning before I get up and his feeding the ducks in the FROST! Ack… This is the first time he will be away for this long and I am not feeling very happy about it – quite stressed in reality which is pookie!

    I understand totally about all the things you’ll miss about where you are living now… just wait, in a few weeks you’ll be feeling at home in your new place and will have the excitement of getting to know your new home. I’m sure it will be filled with your warmth in no time!! Smiles…

  32. Priscilla says:

    my parents are moving out of their 2 story, 4 bedroom house they have lived in for 47 years, to a ONE bedroom apartment in a senior community……………….D.A.U.N.T.I.N.G!!! However, I am praising God for an angel named Rebecca who works with a group of ladies called “Creating Comfort” which helps people move and get settled. So many memories, but so much STUFF :( (I only lived in this house for a couple of years). Peter and I moved 14 times in 11 years (we have been in SLO for 28 years, so we know about moving and changes and STUFF!!!

  33. Robbin says:

    My change will come after I go to the doctor and find out how my diet and exercise routines will change or, rather, how my lifestyle will change. This is a good thing 1) if I follow my doctor’s instructions and 2) it helps my health issues. Can’t wait to see your new house and all that you do with it. Where is it now? love and hugs to the family

  34. Shalon says:

    having a baby, renovating a home, just started my own business. crazy changes!

  35. Lisa says:

    Hoping no change. For awhile was very afraid I’d be losing my job due to state budget cuts. Though no raises (again) and drastically decreased benefits, looks like we’re gonna find a way to survive it – I hope so!

  36. Southern Gal says:

    Everyone is on hold here waiting on baby to make her appearance. Due in two days now!

    Are those marigolds? Lovely.

  37. Caryl says:

    Tons of change – hubster is getting laid off, the little is trying to walk, my nephew is preparing to enter his senior year of high school (!!) and my niece is going to become a mother again. Geez I entered this parenting game a little long in the tooth…

    I heart those shoes. Target also has them in yellow. YELLOW!

    But alas.

    Unless those shoes come in a size 10-1/2, yours truly will continue to sport… the one pair of sandals I can find to fit me since pregnancy expanded my feet into unshoeable proportions.

    Vive el flip flop!


  38. Kathy says:

    The packers come next week, back to America we go…I think until I see boxes will I believe it is happening!

  39. mary kathryn tyson says:

    ugh, i.hate.moving! hate it! there is no worse torture to me than the process of moving!

    however. i love the feeling of making all of my old things new again in a fresh setting, once it has somehow made it safely across whatever divide it has travelled. other favorite part about moving is establishing new friends -or reconnecting with old ones- in whatever new community i have become a part.

    i love the feeling of purging while packing…and i always wonder why i didn’t throw or give that thing away prior to moving if i was going to get rid of it all along. and, inevitably, toward the end of packing i end up with this box of cr…schtuff…that i can’t really give away but don’t know really where to put those things (which usually end up in a corner somewhere until the next move and then those thing become my throw-away or give-away collection…)

    change is always good, even if it sucks sometimes. my dad died unexpectedly last fall. he never got sober (but was more like jesus than any person i have ever known). my parents divorced unnecessarily when my sisters and i were young adults. 3 of 4 of my grandparents died when i was in my latter twenties. my sister wasn’t planning on being a single mom. my other sister isn’t completely happy in her life/marriage. i thought i would be married with 5 kids at this point in my life (had that happened, i’d be twice divorced by now). sometimes i wish i had waited to get sober but don’t regret for one moment that hungover morning 3 years, 7 months, 1 week and 5 days ago in the shower when the lord said to me, “it’s okay! i love you! let’s just take care of this!” life happens. there aren’t bumps in the road, this *is* the road. and my heart finds comfort and hope knowing that god works together ALL things for our good and his glory.


    p.s. like everyone else, i seriously ADORE your red shoes.

  40. alyssa low says:

    what isn’t changing?!?!?! check out our blog for updates…excited for new memories in SLO for your family and i know it will inspire so much creativity out of you to decorate your new space!

  41. Jackie says:

    So Lisa where are you moving? Did I miss it in your blog? Tell us all about your new home. :-)

  42. hiyaluv says:

    i’m moving in with my fiance and starting a new job…ahh! i love your blog lisa! you are such an amazing person.

  43. Holly says:

    is the house yall moved from an old home?? i never knew that you lived in the country?! good luck with the new house!;;

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