no bake mini cakes {yum!}

In celebration of launching our newest line, I thought it would be fun to share some easy {and super cute} no-bake mini cakes! Wouldn’t these be adorable with the L-O-V-E cake toppers featured yesterday?

You’ll need–Oreo cakesters {available in white or chocolate}, white frosting, and food coloring.

Stack two cakesters with a bit of frosting between them for ‘glue’. Put each mini cake on its own plate {this way you can let the frosting puddle}. Then melt the frosting a bit in the microwave so it will drip down the sides. I melted the frosting for about 15 seconds.

Add a little flag or a cake topper and you’re done! The flag pictured is just a paper straw, cut in half with a construction paper flag.

Do you plan to make a special Valentine’s meal for your family? We usually do a special breakfast and then Steve and I go out for a date night. How do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

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  1. I try and make a nicer than normal dinner for everyone and then the last few years, our tradition has been to do chocolate fondue for dessert. Super yummy! My little guy has food allergies so anything revolving around food makes things tricky!

  2. Our daughter’s birthday is on the 15th and our son’s is the 20th so mostly we’re about birthdays on Valentine’s and the rest of the month. (My mom and mil have birthdays in this month, too!) Cute cake.

  3. Hi Lisa, do you know I’ve NEVER tasted an Oreo??!!! Crikey!!
    Valentine’s Day – my dear hubby usually gives me a dozen red roses from a local grower (also a friend) and I normally try to cook something special. It’s still daylight until around 8.30-9pm so no candlelight unfortunately! This year John’s weekly quiz night starts on Feb 14th, so I guess I will be missing out on romance! Bah humbug… LOLOL I think I’ll cook a very special meal JUST FOR ME!!

  4. Looks decadent! Yes, we always do a nice gourmet dinner at home, in the dining room, with the good china and crystal, of course, by candlelight. For dessert this year, I’m thinking chocolate fondue!

  5. Hi Lisa, this is my first time leaving a comment but i wanted to say that this mini cakes are amazing and perfect for my sweet little girl’s birthday which is coming up in March. Thank you so much for the idea for individual cakes!!! I also wanted to say i love checking your outfits, you dress how i wanted to dress and now i have weekly inspiration!!! Thanks again for being amazing 🙂 oh and I’m going to go and purchase a fabulous necklace from Allora if only i could decide on the colour!!!! thinking green!!!

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