Welcome to our home. This is our entryway, or at least, the wall behind the door as you enter.

The mirror was a hand-me-down from my mom. The quilt was a thrift store find and the plaster heads were also a thrift store find. It’s a little eclectic, but that’s how I like it!

Sometimes stuff like bags, shoes, books, backpacks, etc piles up in the entryway. But I at least try to move those things to the laundry room so I can shut the door and not think about it. Ha–don’t you love my organizational strategy!

Those plaster heads are funky/pretty. I think they were $2 each–and with a sweet heart garland between it kind of unifies the wall decor.

I’m planning to rejuvenate this space a bit by painting the bench and switching out the quilt and pillows {and I’ll also change the garland}. I am trying to decide between three colors for the bench…

My three top choices for the bench are 1. cream 2. mustard yellow or 3. avocado green.  Cast your vote in the comments section–and whichever one gets the most votes, that’s the color I’ll paint the bench! So fun!

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