we bought the boys bunk beds a couple years ago but kept them separate.  we used the top bunk with its railing all the way around to keep david safe after we moved him out of a crib.  but now he’s ready for the next step.  so exciting!


karen sapp hand-painted these darling signs for the boys.  i hung them with ribbon threaded through the wood slates, so i wouldn’t have to nail into the beds.


oh, the view from the top!  can i just tell you how excited matthias is to have a top bunk??


here’s the white mesh railing we put on to keep david from climbing/falling out.  some friends gave us this one and we love to use it in hotels and on trips.  i can’t find another one any where.  any ideas??


and on the other side of the room we have a leather chair we got from some friends who were moving.  i found the dresser (it has two rows of drawers) at a garage sale for $20 and painted it red.  that was a happy day! the rug is from the ikea–it had been used in a display and was half off.  the baskets under the bed are from target.


it’s a simple room, but it’s clean (at least for the moment) and the boys love it.