what i’m wearing {re-fashioned sleeves}

I got this dress on sale at Anthropologie a few months ago and it had big puffy sleeves that weren’t very flattering. So after a few tries of putting it on and trying to make it work, I took a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves off. I washed it and the raw edge came out fine. Now I love the dress!
Dress and boots, both Anthropologie. Leopard print belt, TJ Maxx. Vintage bangles, thrifted. Sun droplets necklace, my shop.

For this dress, it was either give it away or do something drastic with the sleeves. Have you altered a piece of clothing lately?


  1. Usually I cut a few inches off the bottom to make it shorter…less frumpy. I have a friend who does my sewing for me…she has a skirt I’ve had forever…but the length didn’t appeal to me anymore. I figured it was worth it to have her shorten it for me and then if it still doesn’t work…someone else may be able to use it. Never tried taking funky sleeves off…but I’m mentally going through my closet right now… 🙂

  2. I just cut the whole top off a chambray dress uesterday! It’s always been too big on top, so i cut off the top & using the bottom for a skirt!

  3. i LOVE that dress. and you are SO BRAVE to cut off the sleeves. I suppose if you werent loving it anyways,.. but still scary… BUT GREAT MOVE!

  4. I love how brave you are to take the sleeves off an Anthro dress! I would totally just leave it in my closet and feel sad that it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll take a second look at some things in my closet tomorrow.

  5. I love how the dress looks on you! I have done a few re-dos on dresses but usually it is cutting off the bottom because it is too long, I love the idea of cutting the sleeves off!!!

  6. What a cute dress, and belt! I haven’t done anything as drastic as cutting sleeves off a dress, but I do quite often cut off those “tie backs” that seem to come on a lot of shirts…I can’t stand having something tied behind my back, especially when the bow or knot pokes you in the back when you are sitting down against the car seat or a piece of furniture! You look beautiful as always, nice job with the dress 🙂

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