oh these boys! {love!}

We made it through our first full week of school! Matthias is in 5th grade and David moved over to the middle school. They aren’t on the same campus anymore and it makes me a little sad. Change is hard. Change is good.

We had our lunches packed, new school supplies, emergency forms filled out and we were READY! But things didn’t go as I’d planned. They didn’t go horribly wrong–they just went differently than I expected. I was worried about David and all his needs as he transitioned to middle school, but I thought Matthias would do just fine. Matthias has been tired and sad–he’s grieving the end of summer. He says he’s not ready for all the stress that school brings. David has had an easy adjustment–no issues, no stress, just smooth.

The boys are growing so fast, but still little too. There is so much to process and discuss. I am honored to journey alongside them and watch them change and grow. And it’s crazy and heart wrenching and stressful!

Mostly the way they love each other is completely humbling. It happens outside of me. It can’t be forced. And as they grow I see how much they care for each other. How much Matthias looks out for David and how David wants to be near Matthias.

My heart is full. Crazy and stressed, but so full.


  1. Just absolutely precious and so heart warming. Yes, change is hard and change is good, it’s just the way life is.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. yes, yes and yes – i totally agree and understand!

    Change IS hard and change IS good! Life is crazy beautiful – so thankful for Grace!

    sending you a hug!

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