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Make Your Own Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree your own with personalized Christmas ornaments! Each of us holds a special meaning of Christmas in our hearts. It’s such a personal holiday, which is why custom and personalized ornaments are so treasured.

Sometimes it can be hard finding where to get personalized ornaments, but lucky for you I’ve designed a collection of shiny metal custom ornaments! You’ll be sure to find an ornament or two that make you merry. Celebrate the holiday season in a way that means something to you with personalized Christmas ornaments.

Make your Christmas tree your own, fill it with these best personalized ornaments:

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


That first Christmas together as a family is truly so magical!! Capture the feelings of this incredible first with my Baby’s First Christmas Ornament! This adorable ornament creates a special tradition for you and your new little love— you’ll be sharing the story of your first Christmas together every year as you hang it on your tree. Get it personalized with their name and birthday or a sweet little saying that shares your love for them. What a sweet memory piece to be able to pass down once they’re older!

Your Spark Ornament


Your tree will sparkle and shine with these personalized name ornaments! The Your Spark Ornament is the perfect gift for everyone in your family. The handcrafted star is completed with their name hand stamped and an inscription of “Your spark shines bright!” on the backside. Show your loved one that they have a spark inside them that lights up your life with these shining personalized Christmas ornaments.

Family Tree Ornament


Family personalized ornaments are the perfect keepsake for years to come. The Family Tree Ornament is so full of meaning and love! With your family names stamped on the side, this ornament honors the unique love and joy each family member brings. These personalized tree ornaments make a heartfelt gift for the parents or grandparents who have shaped you and helped you grow!

You’re My Angel Ornament


Angels hold a special meaning in the Christmas story— they bring brightness, song, joy, and good news! Get the names of the angels in your life hand stamped on the You’re My Angel Ornament. Or, personalize yours with a custom holiday message, there’s plenty of space on the bottom of this ornament for customization.

Personalized Snow Globe Ornament


Unique personalized Christmas ornaments can capture the nostalgia of the season. My Personalized Snow Globe Ornament brings back precious memories of Christmases growing up, where a snow globe caused wonder and excitement in my heart. Remember the times when Christmas used to be so simple and bring back that childlike joy with this ornament.

Gingerbread Family Ornaments


Sugar and spice and all things nice! Bake up a batch of sweetness with my girl, boy, mom, and dad gingerbread ornaments. Customize a gingerbread for everyone in your family to share the sugary goodness of the season. These even make great friendship ornaments. You can add one to your tree for everyone you love!

Furry Footprint Ornament


Here’s one for all the furry friends! Personalized dog ornaments are always so cute, and are a MUST for every pet family. My Furry Footprint Ornament represents the unconditional love and loyalty our dogs and cats bring into our lives. Memorialize a beloved pet who’s already crossed the rainbow bridge, or celebrate the pup or kitty that’s doing life with you now by getting their name stamped under the sweet little paw print.

Snowman Ornament


What’s Christmas without snowmen? This jolly Snowman Ornament is a fun addition to any Christmas tree! Play around in the snow and make this snowman your own with a personalized winter message.

Nativity Ornament


The story of Jesus’ birth is the true meaning behind Christmas— celebrate this amazing message with the Nativity Ornament. These custom ornaments offer extra space so you can personalize with a verse or short phrase full of meaning! Give these meaningful ornaments to the ones who inspire your faith, or hang one on your own tree to remind you of the reason for the Season.

Molded Star Ornament


When baby Jesus was born, a bright star shone over where he lay in a manger. This star guided the shepherds and wisemen to his side, where they were able to celebrate their new king and bring him gifts and love. My Molded Star Ornament will shine beautifully on your tree! With 5 spaces to customize, you can add names, dates, words, or even a whole phrase to make this star your own.

Molded Heart Ornament


Our hearts are molded by the ones who love us. At Christmastime, we like to think of all those that have shaped us with their love! My Molded Heart Ornament represents all the love that's in our hearts. What a sweet way to celebrate the special people in our lives!

Our First Christmas Ornament


When two hearts come together to make a family, they begin a new tradition of celebrating Christmases together. Remember your first Christmas as a couple with the Our First Christmas Ornament! The adorable little house can be customized with your names, shared last name, or wedding date. What a perfect gift for yourself or a newlywed couple you love.

Vintage Glass Ornament


We all have those favorite ornaments we love to hang up year after year. These ornaments carry so much tradition and memory. Growing up, my favorite ornament was this antique glass ornament my grandma hung up every year. I loved looking for it on the tree whenever I’d go to her house. My Vintage Glass Ornament is designed after my grandma’s special ornament. Make this your own keepsake with space for personalization!

My Reindeer Ornament


Can you hear the jangling of bells? Santa’s reindeer have come to make your tree all the more festive! With a sparkling red nose and cute little antlers, you’ll love hanging up the adorable My Reindeer Ornament every Christmas. I just want to pet his sweet little nose, don’t you?

Found Mitten Ornament


Bring a little wonder to your tree with the Found Mitten Ornament. This cozy little mitten is a fun little addition to your ornament collection! Like all my other personalized ornaments for Christmas, you can customize your mitten with names or the current year to create a special memory.

Are you ready to add some personal touches to your tree? Find all these personalized Christmas ornaments and more in my Christmas collection.

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