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Baby's First Christmas Ornament {Pewter}

Baby's First Christmas Ornament {Pewter}

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Celebrate one of the most magical firsts with baby’s first Christmas ornament! Create a special holiday tradition by reflecting on faith, hope and love every year with sharing stories when you hang baby’s first Christmas elephant ornament on the tree. A perfect gift to remember this special time is a baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized with their name and a special holiday saying.

All customizable baby’s first Christmas ornaments are hand-molded, cast in fine pewter and hang from a sheer red ribbon. Baby’s first Christmas pewter ornament measures approximately 2.5" tall x 3" wide. Engraved ornaments for baby’s first Christmas can be personalized with up to 2 lines of 16 characters each. Precious!

Maximum 16 characters

Maximum 16 characters

Special Price $52.49 Regular Price $69.99
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Celebrate one of the most magical ‘firsts’ with baby’s first christmas elephant ornament
The growth of your family is a magical form of love like no other! You’ve been waiting and preparing for your little one to enter the world for 9 long months. Your heart has expanded and grown to make a place for this new little love. You make a space in your home for them, tell all of your loved ones, and gather the necessary supplies so all of their needs are met. Maybe you choose a name beforehand, or wait until you see them face to face. Maybe you have to prepare an older sibling for their new role. Or maybe, you have to prepare yourself for the role of motherhood. You have been taking care of yourself so you can take care of them, and you had the love and support from your family all along the way! Or perhaps your story has looked different. Parenting has no one storyline, and every journey is just as important and valid!

The day they were born started their story, and your story together as a family! So many firsts will follow— first steps, first words, first laugh, first birthday. And as they grow, so will the list of firsts. You will send them off to their first day of school, clap the loudest at their first performance, help prepare them for their first job, even be there as a shoulder to cry after their first heartbreak. They will always be your little one, no matter how many firsts they accomplish. Each one will fill your heart with joy and pride as you celebrate every step they take.

One special first that I just love celebrating is baby’s first Christmas! Christmas is an important time for families to come together and share love with one another through quality time and thoughtful gifts. Having a new member join you and your family for their first Christmas is magical... the love can only grow! You grow excited for all the future Christmases together as you introduce them to the old family traditions of the season, and get ready to make new ones together. I wanted to design a keepsake for this truly special first, so I created my baby’s first Christmas tree ornament!

Make memories with a baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized
What better gift to give your little love, or the new baby of a loved one, than a personalized baby’s first Christmas ornament? Add up to 16 characters of hand stamped, lowercase letters of my specialized font. If you want more space, you can even add another line of 16 more characters! You can personalize with anything you would like. I love seeing my friends customize their ornaments with a baby’s first and middle name, but you could also choose first and last name, full name, or just first name. Another adorable option is personalizing with their birthday, or the year of their first Christmas.

You could even personalize with a sweet little quote or reminder on one of the lines of customization. Help them feel cared for by personalizing with “you are loved”, or “my greatest gift” after their name. Or, memorialize the magical day by putting the location of your first Christmas together.

With a baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized, every year when they hang it on their tree, they will feel the love of their family and friends that began on the day they were born. Seeing their name and birthday on their very own ornament will make this a special keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come. As they grow older, they will never forget your love for them.

Adorable design in my baby’s first Christmas pewter ornament
My unique baby’s first Christmas ornaments are all handcrafted in fine pewter, a lightweight metal that reflects the light beautifully! This gives the design a whimsical and shiny look, perfect for every Christmas tree. The twinkle lights on your tree help the ornament glow and stand out among the branches. The shape is my exclusive elephant design that is just so adorable. The cute elephant captures the innocence and fun of your little one, while its one of a kind look sets it apart from any other ornament. The baby’s first Christmas ornament elephant is crafted with tiny details that will delight everyone who looks at it. Little stars are etched onto its ear, with “Baby’s First Christmas” engraved in my own handwriting. The design is light and thin, helping it dangle beautifully on any branch you chose.

Each baby’s first Christmas ornament is completed with a beautiful red ribbon to hang on your tree year after year. Every detail is crafted and made by hand, giving it a unique, handcrafted look. Perfectly imperfect, your little love will adore their special ornament all of their life!

Give customizable baby’s first Christmas ornaments to the little ones in your life
Whether you're the mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend, you can give a baby’s first year Christmas ornament to the little ones you love. Have a little one in your life? My baby’s first Christmas ornament will delight the parents and also serve as a special keepsake for the baby as they grow up. This makes it the most perfect first Christmas gift!

Watch as the parents’ faces light up when they unwrap their baby’s first ornament! Don’t be surprised if it goes up on the tree right away, it’s an ornament worthy of the front and center treatment. Every year as their little one grows, the parents will smile in memory as they help those tiny hands hang the ornament up on the tree. And eventually, as the little one grows up to have their own family, they will remember your love and support of them over all the years when they see that adorable elephant on their very own Christmas tree!

Get one for each of your own children, creating a sweet family legacy. Or, make it a tradition by giving one to every new grandchild or niece and nephew. You can never go wrong with this sparkling treasure!

Making traditions with engraved ornaments baby’s first Christmas
Each year, when you hang up your baby’s first Christmas ornament, you’ll be reflecting on all of the wonderful holiday memories made together. Stories of past Christmases will be shared, and hearts will grow all the more big with these precious moments. Each little one will feel celebrated and loved when they see their own ornament.

No matter who you are giving it to, my baby’s first Christmas ornament makes a beloved tradition for all the newcomers in your family! I have so many friends who get one for each of their kids, and know grandmas who love to present each grandbaby with one of their own. I’ve even given some to my friends for their new babies. I can assure you that these little beauties will bring smiles all around! Their heartfelt design, handcrafted creation, and beautiful meaning will make these baby’s first Christmas ornaments treasured family heirlooms for years to come! Start a new tradition this holiday season with your little love. You’ll never forget your first Christmas together as a family.

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