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Family Tree Ornament {Pewter}

Family Tree Ornament {Pewter}

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This family tree ornament is the perfect keepsake for your family. Personalized family name ornaments make a truly heartfelt gift, honoring the love of each family member with the inclusion of their name! Full of meaning and such a treasure, family tree ornaments with names make a perfect gift for a parent or grandparent that is close at heart, no matter how far away they are!! It measures just under 4" in length, is hand-molded and cast in fine pewter, and hangs from a sheer red ribbon. 

Every family tree ornament is personalized with your family's name your custom piece will be made just for you, exactly as you type it into the field. For dots between names, please use a period. As an intentional design decision, we stamp in lowercase letters only. To specify a heart, please enter <3 into the customization field. 

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Special Price $48.99 Regular Price $69.99
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Personalized family name ornaments: a timeless tradition
Every year, you give each of your kids a new ornament for Christmas. It was a tradition started with your parents, so that by the time you had your own family, you had a Christmas ornament collection for your Christmas tree. When you had your kids, you knew you wanted to continue the sweet tradition. When they were younger, the ornaments would be based around their current interests and activities. Sports, dance, favorite animals, a vacation taken that year. Now when they look back at their growing collection, they have a little memento of each year of their lives.

Now the kids are all grown up, and starting families of their own. It’s getting harder to find a fun ornament that commemorates the year that your adult children would appreciate and connect to. But then you find my custom family tree ornaments.

You get one for each of your kids, customized with the current year. Their name is set alongside their spouses, followed by each of their kids, your grandbabies. When they unwrap the newest addition to their ornament collection, you can see the joy in their faces, just like when they would unwrap their ornaments as children. The nostalgia of the beloved tradition is sweetened by the personalized touch.

“Look what grandma bought us!” Your oldest says, as he hands it to your granddaughter. She spots her name and smiles. Immediately, it’s placed front and center on their Christmas tree, its dedicated spot for years to come.

The beauty in the family tree ornament with names
With family tree personalized ornaments, each year is memorialized and remembered. You and yours can collect an ornament for each year, making it a timeless memory piece you can reminisce over as you hang it on your tree year after year!

Every year as a family, we get a new ornament together to celebrate all the memories and milestones of that past year. We choose a style that connects to us and the story we want to share. Whenever we hang our new ornament on our Christmas tree, we are putting with it the moments we want to treasure forever! With every ornament to our collection, we remember the fun, love, and trials we share as a family.

Each year has its own times of growth, love, hardship, and lessons for every family. Your family is unique, and your story together is one of trust, laughs, tears, and unending love. There is nothing more important than family. Your family tree grows strong, with each new branch added your tree grows bigger in love. Its roots are extended in a solid foundation of years of work and time together. You value each and every person that adds to your family tree, making it a beautiful, special, one of a kind representation of your family and the values you share!

I love the meaning behind personalized family Christmas tree ornaments, so I crafted my own customized family tree ornament!

I designed my family name tree ornament with a whimsical, hand drawn tree in my own specific style. The little indented and raised dots mimic a snowy winter scene, making the ornament very seasonal. All crafted in fine pewter and tied with a Christmas red ribbon, my family name ornaments bring in the magic of Christmastime.

A family tree ornament personalized for you
My family ornaments with personalization lets you make it your own with up to 25 characters of personalization. First, customize on top with the current year, or if you are memorializing a past event, you can add that year! Along the side there is space for 25 characters. Add the name of each member in your family to honor the special love they bring. I like to make it extra whimsical by adding dots (periods) in between each name.

If you would like to keep it simple, you could add just your last name to your Christmas ornaments with family names. Celebrate the legacy of your entire family tree, all the way to the beginning, by getting your last name hand stamped on this beautiful design.

Another personalization option would be to add a quote or phrase that means something to you and your family. You may have a family motto, or a phrase you say to encourage one another. Or, it could be a goal you have for your family, or a trait you all value.

Whatever you customize with, make it meaningful by connecting it to your family values.

Give a family tree ornament to the ones you love
Family name Christmas ornaments make the perfect gift for everyone in your heart! Show your family members how much they mean to you by giving them an ornament with all of your names on it. Parents, grandparents, kids, nieces and nephews. Everyone wants to feel a part of the family, and this gift will show them they are!

Or, you may want to give your friend a special gift as they start their family. You can put their last name, or all of their names onto this beauty they will love for years to come. With something so personal, the Christmas ornament family names is a gift that will touch the heart of everyone you give it to.

The meaning behind my family tree ornament
This family tree ornament is the perfect keepsake for any family. You will love hanging it on your Christmas tree every year. Personalized family name ornaments make a truly heartfelt gift, honoring the love of each family member with the inclusion of their name! Show every one in your family that they are valued and loved by getting their name hand stamped on this handcrafted ornament. Full of meaning and such a treasure, family tree ornaments with names make a perfect gift for a parent, kid, spouse, or grandparent that is close at heart, no matter how far away they are! They will always be kept close with their name on your tree.

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