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How to Choose a Unique Mother’s Ring

Mother’s Ring

Mothers are the most unsung heroes in our world today. I’m a mom…I know this! Moms spend their time caring for others, taking on every job from taxi driver to boo-boo kisser to broken heart fixer. Moms do so much for us, and whether it’s your mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or just a moment when you want to let your mom know how much she means to you, a unique mothers’ ring is always the perfect gift of choice.

All your life, mom has appreciated gifts you’ve given her with affection – that first coloring you made her, the dandelion you brought in your tiny fingers, or that special Mother’s Day project you carted home from school. When my sons bring me gifts like that, no matter how small, it just melts my heart. It’s all about the thought that counts with moms; which means that personalized mothers’ rings are sure to touch her heart.

Of course, I know every mom is different. Moms have different styles, you have a budget you likely want to stick to, and that custom mothers’ ring has got to be perfect; I mean, bring tears to your mother’s eyes. To make finding that perfect mom ring a bit easier, I’ve put together a guide you can follow using some of my own insights, not only as a mom but as a jewelry creator, helping you pick out something she’s sure to love and appreciate.

Set Your Budget 

set your budget

Before you even start browsing for rings, I suggest setting a budget. The last thing you want to do is find the perfect ring and realize you can’t afford it. If you’re like most people, including me, times are tough right now.

Despite tough times, I know you still want to honor and surprise your mom with a gorgeous mother’s ring, and I’ve got a few tips that can help you out.

Be Honest About What You Can Afford

First, be honest about what you can afford. You’re likely dealing with a lot of heavy financial concerns at the moment. Now isn’t the time to overextend your budget, especially when you can easily find lovely rings that fit any budget. Take a look at your financial situation and be honest about what you can actually afford right now. Then you’ll be ready to begin your search for the perfect ring in that price range.

Start Saving for Bigger Gifts 

If you’re not ready to buy the ring right now, start saving for a bigger gift in the future. Maybe you want to plan ahead for Christmas or for next Mother’s Day. Creating a little savings account can help you set aside a bit of money every week or every month. You’ll have a bigger budget when you’re ready to spend on birthstone rings for mom.  

Consider Going Together with a Sibling 

Even if your budget is a bit tight, consider going in together with a sibling to purchase the ring. This lets you split the cost, so you have a larger budget to spend on mom. And trust me, moms love it when their kids go together to do something special for her. Win-win!

Lisa Leonard Designs for Every Budget

I understand that buying mom a great gift is important. I work to make beautiful, meaningful rings available for every budget. Most of my Lisa Leonard designs average around $50, with some rings as low as $31 and others as high as $600. Whether you need to stick to a tight budget or you’re ready to go big and splurge on mom, I’ve got options you can afford. Moms deserve to be spoiled, pampered and surprised. You can do that on any budget.

Why Buy Mom a Ring?

Why you buy mother's ring?

Why buy mom a ring? As a mom myself, I can tell you that there’s no bad day to present moms with a great gift. Why? We all go through moments where we feel underappreciated and overwhelmed, no matter how old our kids are. So I can promise you that there’s never going to be a bad time to give mom a special mothers’ ring that warms her heart.

However, when you’re choosing a ring, there are many special occasions that warrant a great gift. Sometimes, the reason or occasion can help you as you’re choosing the ring.

Mother’s Day Rings

mothers day gift

Mother’s Day. It’s that one day every year that we take time to honor (and hopefully spoil) our moms. To be honest, what moms really want is about 20 minutes of peace (is that even possible?), but jewelry gifts are a close second.

Birthstone rings for mom are one of the biggest hits for Mother’s Day. I love them myself because with just a glance down at my hand, I see those special birthstones depicting the months my children were born. That never fails to warm my heart.

Birthday Gifts 

Birthday Gifts

Moms spend so much time planning the perfect birthday parties for their loved ones. This year is a perfect time to turn that love back towards your mom with the perfect gift. Personalized mothers’ rings make something that’ll show her how special she is on her birthday. Just don’t forget the cake, because trust me…mom wants cake!

New Mom “Push Gifts”

new mom push gifts

Looking for a great push gift for a new mom? Have a stunning ring at the ready when it’s time to push. No, it won’t take the pain away but it can’t hurt to give her a pretty ring for that moment. Even if you (or your partner) isn’t into push gifts, surprising her with a ring after she becomes a new mom is going to mean a lot when she’s tired from 3 a.m. feedings and changing dirty diapers all day.

Christmas Gifts  


Moms often get testy around Christmas. Why? They’re running around like crazy trying to make sure everyone else has the perfect holiday! It’s a lot of work creating ‘perfect’ holidays for loved ones. So don’t forget mom at Christmas. It’s a great time to make her sit down in front of the tree, take a breather, and surprise her with a stunning ring. Be prepared – have tissues on standby.

Valentine’s Day Gifts  


Don’t forget Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re buying for your mother or you’re buying for your partner who’s an amazing mom. Even if she says she doesn’t want anything (I’ve said that before), trust me, she’s going to love a special ring. It’s the perfect way to say, “I love you.” And remember, we love hearing those words, too.

“Just Because” Gifts  

"Just Because" Gifts

Let’s be honest, you don’t need an occasion to give the mom in your life a gift. I love gifts on any day of the year, whether it’s a special holiday or some random Tuesday when I feel like the sky is falling. Unique mothers’ rings are great for those moments when she’s receiving a special award at work or in the community and you want to celebrate. They’re also a great way to communicate how much you appreciate her, even if there’s no special occasion. She’s the special occasion, and that’s enough.

Identify Your Mom’s Style

Identify Your Mom"s Style

Every mom has her own unique sense of style. When you’re choosing a custom mothers’ ring, you’ll want to identify her style before making your choice. Yes, we moms love anything that our loved ones give us, but if you match the ring to her style, she’ll be more likely to wear it often.

First, what’s your mom’s personality like, and what’s her personal style? Does she run the world in yoga pants or head to work in power suits? Is she a charming, dainty, quiet mom, or is she someone that’s flashy, bold, and full of life? The perfect ring should reflect her personality and personal style.

I love wearing rings just about anytime, but I have certain rings I might wear every day and others I reserve for special occasions. Most moms do. When do you want your mom to wear this ring? Do you want her wearing it daily so she thinks about you and the bond the two of you have? If so, then something that works well with her daily wear and style is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you want mom to wear the ring only on special occasions, then you need a ring that really stands out. You’ll want it to look great with the types of clothing she enjoys wearing for special events.

What Types of Metals Does She Favor?

what type of metals

Think about – or investigate – the type of jewelry your mom already has. Does she seem to favor a specific type of metal? Are most of her pieces of jewelry made of yellow gold, or does she go with silver or white gold more often? Some women find that certain metals go better with their skin tone or they just prefer one type of metal over the other. I have rings in different metals to make sure you can find the perfect choice in metal she’ll appreciate.

Does She Like Gemstones?


Does the mom in your life like specific types of gemstones? Maybe she was born in May and she gravitates towards emeralds. Perhaps she likes the birthstones of you and your siblings, and would like a birthstone ring featuring all those stones. Again, you can do a bit of investigating and check out her current jewelry, or just ask her to get ideas on the gemstones she loves the most.

Still not sure about your mom’s sense of style? A great rule of thumb is to strike a balance between classic and unique with her ring. I promise it’ll be a hit.

My Favorite Rings for Mothers

If you still need a bit of help, I’m going to share three of my favorite rings for mothers. The best part about these three is that there’s something for every budget here.

Tiny Hearts Stacking Ring - $31.99

Tiny Hearts Stacking Rings

Show your heart to mom with the Tiny Hearts Stacking Ring. Don’t let the budget-friendly price fool you. This ring is beautiful, adorned with tiny hearts that remind mom of the place she has in her heart. Choose from yellow gold plated, rose gold plated, or sterling silver, which allows you to pick out the perfect metal to fit mom’s style.

The hearts might be tiny, but this ring shares a whole lot of love. She’ll melt a bit every time she looks at it on her finger, and the dainty size makes it perfect for the mom who loves stacking rings. Buy her one or buy her three.

Nesting Pearl Ring - $79.99

Nesting Pearl Ring

The Nesting Pearl Ring has special meaning to me. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a bit of peace when you’re a mom. Be we all have that longing to have a spot where we can ‘nest’ in a beautiful, safe, peaceful place. Whether that’s a physical place or an emotional space created by relationships, this ring is all about that feeling of being in a ‘nest’ where we are safe and loved.

Made of sterling silver and designed with a large freshwater pearl, the ring looks great for special occasions or with mom’s everyday wear. It truly goes with anything, and it’s a constant reminder of the love you share that she can look at often.

Personalized Passage Ring - $295

Personalized Passage Ring

If you have a larger budget or you’re buying a ring for an occasion that’s a bit more formal, the Personalized Passage Ring combines unique style and elegance into one gorgeous ring. The understated, classic look is perfect for those formal occasions.

This ring isn’t just a stunning, formal ring that will wow mom, it holds a lot of meaning, too. Mom’s cherish their children, and this ring can be personalized with a date or name, along with a chosen birthstone. It’s completely customized, so you can give mom a personal ring that holds special meaning.

Buy a Unique Mother’s Ring


Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or you just want to show your mom you’re thinking about her, buying her a ring is a perfect gift. Rings may be small in size, but pack in a huge meaning. Unique mothers’ rings are easily affordable, available at prices that fit many budgets, and they come in so many styles that it’s easy to find something that will suit the mom in your life.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about choosing the perfect ring for mom and why rings are such a lovely way to express your love. Now that you’re armed with all the best tips, start shopping! You’ll find the perfect rings and more at www.lisaleonard.com.

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