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  2. love and loss ring pair hand-molded and cast in 10k yellow gold including a finespun birthstone ring and a sweet love ring
    Love & Loss Ring Pair {10K Gold}
  3. Nostalgia ring hand-molded and cast in 10k yellow gold set with a 3mm birthstone or diamond
    Nostalgia Ring {10k Gold}
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Remembering the day they were born

The day they came into the world marks such an important milestone for you. A brand new daughter, son, niece, nephew, sibling, or grandbaby. A brand new heart to love, a brand new story to unfold. With this new little life, your whole life has become better.

Or maybe, you weren’t there right at their beginning. A new friend, significant other, family member. But, with the start of every relationship, you become grateful for their place in the world, grateful for the day they entered it.

When they entered your life, your whole world changed. When they entered the world, everything became better. Celebrate that moment with custom birthstone rings! Birthstones are a beautiful way to carry with you all the dear ones in your heart.

The meaning behind custom birthstone rings

Personal, glittering, and beautiful. Birthstones are a gorgeous representation of you or someone you love dearly. Each month has its own stone, with the vibrant colors connected to those born during that month. Wearing a birthstone lets you celebrate the life of someone you love.

What month were you born in? What month were they born in? Each one has a lovely stone you can personalize with birthstone jewelry!

January’s birthstone is a deep red garnet, which symbolizes love, courage, and creativity. The red color represents heart and passion.

February has amethyst as its birthstone. In a regal purple, the amethyst represents peace and wisdom.

For March, the birthstone is a clear blue aquamarine. This stunning gem represents serenity and harmony.

April has the bright diamond or crystal as its birthstone. It’s clear and pure look symbolizes strength and clarity.

May’s birthstone is a vibrant emerald. This beloved stone is not only eye-catching, but also represents hope and youth.

June has the gorgeously dark smokey quartz as its birthstone. This earthy gemstone symbolizes protection and connection to the world around us.

For July, the birthstone is the well-loved ruby. The ruby holds a lot of meanings, including love, vitality, and good fortune.

August has the peridot as its birthstone. This light green gemstone symbolizes health, beauty, and peacefulness.

September’s birthstone is the navy blue sapphire. This beauty represents qualities like truth, faithfulness, and sincerity.

October has the gorgeous pink tourmaline as its birthstone. The pink tourmaline is not just beautiful, it also symbolizes the wonderful qualities of friendship, self love, compassion, and transformation.

For November, the birthstone is a fresh yellow citrine. It’s no surprise that this sunny, vibrant gemstone represents joy and energy.

Finally, the birthstone for December, the blue topaz, beautifully represents love and affection.

Each birthstone dazzles with its stunning shine and sweet meaning. No matter what month you were born, you can connect to the wonderful qualities of your stone.

Along our journey, we all gather the love of those in our hearts. Keep that love with you by wearing birthstone jewelry.

Share your story with stackable birthstone rings

My collection of stacking rings lets you share your story through your own arrangement of symbolic and customized rings. Adding custom birthstone rings help you make it even more meaningful.

In both gold and sterling silver, I have a wide collection of designs created with actual birthstones in every variety. Some are thin with one birthstone, while others have a wide band with multiple birthstones you can add.

My single stone birthstone rings make a dainty addition to your stack. I especially adore my ‘Love & Loss Ring Pair’. We can hold both heart filling love and heartbreaking loss within us. When we lose a loved one, then we feel like we lose a part of ourselves. One thing we can never lose, though, is the love we have for them. That’s what this ring pair signifies. Customize with the birthstone of your loved one, and pair it with my dainty heart ring for a ring stack that memorializes your dear one.

A classic look can be found in my ‘Bezel Birthstone Ring’. Simple and dainty, you can choose one birthstone to be set on the special hand molded band. They changed your life forever the day they were born. The sun shone a little brighter and the stars twinkled like never before. Your whole world lit up with love and awe for this new little one. Never forget that moment with this heartfelt custom birthstone ring! It looks lovely on its own or stacked with other favorites.

Or, my ‘Dainty Finespun Birthstone Ring’ has another classic look. One birthstone is set into a fine, thin hand molded band. These delicate little rings stack wonderfully together! Every soul is precious and rare, created to be uniquely them. Celebrate what makes you you by getting your own birthstone. Or, stack it alongside the birthstones of the special ones that have shaped you.

My ‘Birthstone Bloom Ring’ is another gorgeous dainty ring you can stack with all of your favorites! We are growing into our most beautiful selves through all of the ups and downs. Get your birthstone inside a sweet little flower to dedicate yourself to blooming. Or, get one for each of your little loves as they grow up.

Bring some sunlight with you wherever you go with my dazzling ‘Sunburst Birthstone Ring’. With a wider band and a single birthstone set at the center, this ring is sure to stand out. The stone is surrounded by gorgeous rays etched onto the metal, making it look like you have the sun on your finger! This ring represents the hope we feel. Even in the darkest moments, a small ray of light will guide us through and give us hope in the hard times.

I also have a collection of engagement rings that can be made even more special with your’s or your one-and-only’s birthstone to honor the love you two have for each other. My ‘Classic Stacking Ring’ can be made even more personal with a birthstone. The ‘Our Love Endures Ring’ celebrates your lasting love that will only grow deeper. My ‘Bright Love Ring’ uniquely tells your love story that shines like bright sunlight. Or, customize my ‘Faith Hope and Love Ring’ with your birthstone in the middle and his on either side. Your two hearts come together to form a beautiful love story! Celebrate that with your birthstones on your ring.

Each of my custom birthstone rings is designed with a purpose and crafted by hand. You can personalize yours by picking your birthstones.

Which design fits you best?

Get even more personal with personalized birthstone rings

All of my custom birthstone rings are personalized with your choice of stone or stones, but some take it even further with customized hand stamping. This makes it even more unique to you and your story!

I absolutely love my ‘Personalized Passage Ring’! In gold or silver, you pick a birthstone that means something to you. Then, add up to 12 characters of custom hand stamped letters. There are an endless amount of ways you can personalize yours.

Choose your own birthstone and add your name to make it a uniquely yours keepsake. Or pick a word that represents a value, goal, or milestone of yours, like ‘strength’, ‘overcome’, or ‘love big’.

Or, carry your loved one with you by customizing with their birthstone and name on a ‘Personalized Passage Ring’. You could stack one for everyone in your heart!

You could even remember an important moment in your life by adding the birthstone of the month it occurred and a small message that honors the milestone. Remember the month of your graduation with it’s stone and the word ‘onward’. Or, honor your baptism date with its stone and the word ‘forgiven’ or ‘by his grace’.

There are many ways you can personalize your ring to make it meaningful to you and your story. What will yours say?

Add multiple birthstones on my mother’s birthstone rings

The heart seeks love throughout this journey, that’s why we have hearts big enough to love so many! There are so many that you care for. Maybe you want a ring that can represent all of your nearest and dearest ones. My mother’s birthstone rings have multiple stones you can add, so everyone in your heart can be with you always. Get a stone for each of your kids, family members, or friends with these designs.

I have so many designs available with different amounts of stones you can pick from in both silver and gold. And they are all just so gorgeous! Which one will you choose?

My ‘Brave Love Ring’ is uniquely designed I just adore! Its wide band is hand carved to make its beautiful texture. You can add up to 5 birthstones to be artfully set onto the band in a special arrangement. To love is to be brave. Brave love is honest and real and messy. Who do you love bravely? Wear their stones on this custom birthstone ring to keep them at your side!

Want another uniquely styled ring? My ‘Constellation Ring’ is a one of a kind treasure! The design is modeled off of a classic signet ring. In the past, families would pass down their own signet ring as a representation of their connection to one another. Now, signet rings make a statement of who’s important to you. Up to 6 birthstones are arranged into a pretty constellation on the face, with the remaining spots being filled by a crystal. Look at all of those stars! Love lights up our lives like beautiful stars in the night sky. They bring light and sparkle into your life! Wear their birthstones as a reminder of your stars.

Stay close to all of your loves with my ‘Always Together Birthstone Ring’. This ring is made just for you with up to 6 spaces for the birthstones of your choice. The band mimics a spiral shape, which gives it the look of multiple rings stacked on top of each other. The wide space gives room for all of the birthstones to be beautifully placed. You keep all your loves with you always, if not in person then in heart. Make sure they never leave your side with this stunning design!

My ‘Dainty Finespun Birthstone Ring Trio’ is a beautiful option if you want multiple birthstones on separate rings. This comes with three of my ‘Dainty Finespun Birthstone Rings’, all with their own birthstone of your choice. The bands are delicate and thin, which allows them to stack together without looking too bulky. Stack with other rings in between them for a look uniquely you, or separate them onto different fingers to celebrate all that makes your near and dears special.

A design so loved by many, my classic ‘Mother’s Ring’ is unforgettable in its design and meaning. The narrow, hand molded band is smooth with a satin finish. One to six birthstones can be added in a row onto the band set in a bezel. What does it mean to be a mother? As a mother, you cover many roles. You love, nurture, worry, remind, and pray for your family and your little loves. You are there as they grow into the ones they were created to be. Capture the meaning of motherhood with this sweet ring!

How many little ones do you have? My mother’s rings let you carry your loves with you always. Let their love be a comfort for you wherever you go! And you don’t need to be a mother to wear one of these treasures. We all have those special people that we hold in our hearts. My custom birthstone rings are made just for you so you can always be reminded of the ones you hold dear.

Celebrate a special someone, give a custom birthstone ring

My custom birthstone rings make a thoughtful gift for the ones you love. Whether it be mom, grandma, wife, sister, or friend, every woman will adore the meaning behind birthstones. Give mom a mother’s birthstone ring with the birthstones of you and your siblings, or of her grandbabies. Grandma also would love a mothers ring that keeps her grandchildren close. A new mother will treasure a birthstone ring dedicated to her little one. A wife would adore her sweetheart’s birthstone on a ring she can wear with her wedding band. Or, get matching rings with your sister, you with her stone and her with yours. And anyone would love a custom birthstone ring with their stone as a birthday gift!

There is so much meaning and love behind each of my custom birthstone rings! Dedicate yours to the ones you love, or display your own stone as a reminder of your important place in the world!

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